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Hey all ~
Just wanted to stop by and give you a sneak peak of what’s in the works…

The buzz that’s been created by the release of CONVICTION and the upcoming release of TEMPTATION has me excited! Which has kept my fingers on the keyboard, working on the 3rd installment in the Club Destiny series… SEDUCTION

For those of you who’ve read Conviction, you should be familiar with Alex. Well, I’m happy to say that Ashleigh has waltzed back into his life and is giving him hell – of the sultry, seductive kind. 🙂 
As for TEMPTATION… this one is all about Luke McCoy – Logan’s twin. Suffice it to say, he’s got a new love interest and she keeps him on his toes – well, both of them actually because Cole Ackerley is along for the ride. 
  • If you haven’t picked up your copy of Conviction, check it out exclusively on Amazon: Conviction – A Club Destiny Novel
  • Don’t forget the Temptation Tuesday contest – running every Tuesday until November 20th. Check it out here.
Last, but definitely not least, here’s a snippet from the upcoming book, scheduled for release on November 20th. Hope you enjoy…
When Luke pressed a hard thigh between her legs, Sierra had to restrain her immediate need to grind down on him. When he gripped her wrists in one of his big hands and lifted her hands above her head, she somehow managed to hold back a moan. God he felt good against her, the solid thud of his heart beating in his chest was evident even through the soft white cotton. He was just as affected by their nearness as she was, but Sierra was hanging on by a thread and he knew it.
His mouth hovered just above hers and Sierra was tempted to run her tongue over his lips just to taste him. Instead she squeezed her lips together to keep from giving in.
“I think you need to be punished.” Luke’s voice was a dark, provocative grumble that, along with his warm breath fanning her face, had goose bumps forming on her flesh.
Oh yes, she couldn’t argue with that. She only wondered what he had in mind.
Before she could say anything, Luke lifted her up and tossed her over his shoulder, similar to the way he had the night before when he had taken her outside to the pool. The only difference was this time they were both fully clothed. 
Hopefully not for long.
Since he had never been to her house before, Sierra was surprised when he turned and locked the front door before heading toward her bedroom. He couldn’t have known where it was, although her house wasn’t very big, so it wasn’t that hard to navigate.
Once inside the room, Sierra half expected him to toss her on the bed. Instead he slowly slid her back down until her feet touched the floor. Knowing better than to try to back away from him, Sierra anticipated his next move, only what he did next took her completely off guard.
He pulled over the hard back chair that she kept against the wall, and he sat down easily, his eyes still locked on her. She followed his every move, her body throbbing with need while the shrill sound of warning bells started going off in her brain. He didn’t look all too happy. Strangely, she wasn’t scared of what he would do; she was more worried about what he wouldn’t do.
“Take off your panties.” He ordered, and Sierra fought to process his words.
The long flowing skirt she wore nearly touched the floor, and for the first time that day, she wished she had worn pants. She loved the black and white gauzy material and the way it brushed against her legs when she moved, but she had never thought about how vulnerable she was no matter what she was wearing when she was around Luke. 
He wouldn’t get any argument from her. At least not yet anyway. 
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