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McKenna Thorne Interviews Gage Matthews

Although I’m not sure I know his real name or his true identity, I jumped on the opportunity to corner Gage Matthews (although I know him as Chance Reed) one afternoon when he was at the club. He was a little reluctant to talk to me, but after a few minutes, he opened right up.
McKenna Thorne
McKenna Thorne: Since a lot of people don’t really know much about you, why don’t you start with the basics? You know… age, birthday, where you were born, that sort of thing.
Gage Matthews: You kind of make it sound like I’m some sort of celebrity and people actually want to know that stuff. (pauses) You’re not going to give up on this, are you? (pauses again, longer this time) Fine. Let’s see, I’m thirty two, birthday is June 24th, born and raised in Coyote Ridge. Oh, and I’m adopted. Hope that’s sufficient.
McKenna Thorne: What is it that you really do for a living? I’ve heard you’re a cop, but others tell me you’re a truck driver. Which is it?
Gage Matthews: You know, I’m not really sure this is a great idea. Since it’s not much of a secret anymore, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not a truck driver.
McKenna Thorne: From what I’ve seen, Travis Walker has been watching you. Is there something going on between the two of you?
Gage Matthews: What? *looks confused* I’m not even sure what to say to that. There’s no bad blood between Travis and I that I know of.
McKenna Thorne: The one question I’m making sure to ask everyone, do you wear boxers or briefs?
Gage Matthews: *sighs* Briefs. *blushes*
McKenna Thorne: How long do you think you’ll continue to be involved in Kaleb’s relationship with Zoey? It’s true that you’re a third, correct?
Gage Matthews: It’s not something that we have planned out. I mean, I can’t tell you that it’ll even happen again. I hope it does, but that’s something that I’ll discuss with Kaleb and Zoey when the time comes. I’m not naive enough to believe it will last forever. Seriously, we have fun, but that’s all it is. If and when I get into a relationship of my own, I will have to separate myself from the two of them. That’s an understanding that the three of us have.
McKenna Thorne: Are you looking for a relationship?
Gage Matthews: I can’t say I’m looking. That doesn’t mean anything though. I don’t know what I even want at this point.
McKenna Thorne: Are you saying what I think you’re saying?
Gage Matthews: I don’t know. What do you think I’m saying? *grins*
McKenna Thorne: Are you bisexual?
Gage Matthews: I’m pleading the fifth on that one. 

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