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Ethan felt something that he’d never felt before, and it had nothing to do with the burn on his left hand from the needle on the tattoo gun. That he hardly felt.

No, what he felt had to do with the man sitting beside him. While Tim finished the last details on the design he was putting on Ethan’s left ring finger, Beau was watching, waiting for his turn. Ethan had requested to go first. Why, he wasn’t sure, but something spurred him to make the request and Beau had grinned that sexy smirk of his that made Ethan’s insides spark to life.

The tattoo parlor was empty today except for Ethan, Beau and the tattoo artist, Tim, and maybe that helped, but as Ethan sat patiently waiting for Tim to finish up, he relished the feel of Beau’s hand in his. Not that holding hands were new for them, but this was one of the most public places they had ever shown any sort of intimacy in, and Ethan had been the one to initiate the interaction, much to Beau’s surprise. Ethan found he got a kick out of surprising Beau these days. But there was something about holding Beau’s hand in his while Tim inked his wedding ring onto his finger that just felt right. 

​Being that they were mechanics, going the route of tattoo rings seemed like the most logical idea. Due to the risk of losing a finger or damaging an actual ring, this made much more sense. And Ethan had been looking forward to this day since they got married just a few short weeks ago.

“You’re all done,” Tim told him as he twisted on his stool to put his equipment on the counter. “What do you think?”

Ethan stared down at his hand, admiring the detail of the wide band that now wrapped around his finger. A series of knots joined together that represented eternity, which was exactly what Ethan had envisioned. He fully intended to be with Beau for that long, if not longer, and this was the perfect reminder of that. “It’s great,” Ethan offered after he’d sat there for a moment or two. Glancing over at Beau, he asked, “What do you think?”

“I think it’s my turn,” Beau responded with a sexy grin.

Ethan definitely agreed. Even though they had pledged their love to one another in front of family and friends not that long ago, this was a silent, permanent pledge to one another that was so much more than mere ink. For Ethan, it was a symbol of love and devotion that would link them together for the rest of their lives.


“Morning,” Beau whispered to Ethan when he stirred beside him the following morning.

“Mmmm,” Ethan mumbled, twisting to face him. 


“You kept me up until two,” Ethan responded, his eyes still closed.

“You’re lucky I let you sleep at all,” Beau informed him, throwing the blankets off of Ethan, revealing his naked body beneath. 

The man was absolute perfection. Beau would be content to lay right there, letting his eyes rake over every inch of defined muscle covered by bronzed skin. Their time in Hawaii had darkened Ethan’s already tanned skin which only made Beau’s desire to lick every inch intensify. As he admired him, Beau’s gaze traveled over his long length until it ended up on his left hand. 

Right there was the ink that had been placed there the day before. The wedding band that still made Beau’s heart do that excited thump every time he saw it. 

“What are you doing?” Ethan growled, one eye opening as he peered over at him. “It’s fucking cold in here.”

“Well then I’ll just have to warm you up,” Beau told him, moving closer and putting his arm over Ethan’s broad back, his thigh across the back of Ethan’s legs.

“That works,” Ethan said.

Beau touched Ethan’s hand, still checking out the tattoo.

“You still good with it?” Ethan asked.

“Yup,” Beau confirmed. From the moment he realized he had fallen for this man, he’d envisioned this. But no matter how many fantasies he’d had, they had never been quite as perfect as this moment.

“How does yours feel?” Ethan asked, easing closer to Beau’s chest and effectively situating himself underneath him.

Fully on board with what Ethan wanted, Beau crawled up over him, his chest to Ethan’s lower back. Beau pressed his mouth between Ethan’s shoulder blades, directly on the tattoo that was there, moving higher as he did.

“Fine,” he answered when he got closer to Ethan’s ear, his entire body now flush against Ethan’s.

“Don’t stop,” Ethan whispered. “Keep doing that.”

“I plan to,” Beau assured him as he linked their right hands together, twining their fingers as he continued to kiss Ethan’s neck and back. Beau couldn’t take his eyes off of the tattoos on their left hands. Due to the fact they just had them done, he resisted the urge to link their left hands together, but he settled with weaving his thumb around Ethan’s little finger.

“Oh, fuck,” Ethan groaned as Beau slid his cock between his ass cheeks. “Inside me, Beau.”

Beau shifted slightly, unlinking their hands long enough to line up and slide into Ethan. Having intended to do this, Beau had already been prepared, lubing his cock prior to Ethan waking up. Anxious was what he’d been, and his forethought had paid off.

As Beau eased into Ethan, he relinked their fingers and kissed the back of Ethan’s neck again. “I want to make love to you. I want to take my time with you,” Beau told him.

“Sounds like a perfect plan,” Ethan stated, pushing his hips back gently and lifting his upper body, turning his head back as he did so that Beau had better access to his mouth. 

Pressing his lips to Ethan’s, he pulled his hips back slightly and then thrust inside of Ethan, eliciting a sexy groan from him. Beau didn’t rush the kiss, he savored it. He savored all of it. The sensual glide of Ethan’s tongue against his own, the warmth of Ethan’s hands twined with his, and the exquisite sensation of Ethan’s body consuming him. If it were up to him, Beau could stay just like this all day.

It didn’t take long for the slow, leisurely slide of tongue against tongue to morph into something much more intense. Ethan was the first to break the kiss, pulling away so that their mouths separated. “Make love to me, Beau.”

Beau wasn’t about to argue. Buried deep inside of Ethan was a pleasure that threatened to rob him of all his senses.

“God, yes,” Ethan moaned from beneath him when Beau began to retreat slowly only to thrust in deeper. “This is how I want to wake up every single day.”

“That can be arranged,” Beau said, his breaths ragged as the heat of Ethan’s body consumed him. Keeping with the moment, Beau didn’t rush things. He eased in and out of Ethan’s body with measured strokes, letting the sensations crash through him. Within minutes, he was sweating from the energy it took to hold back. 

“Come for me, Beau,” Ethan urged as he released Beau’s right hand to reach beneath them.

“Not until you do,” Beau informed him, reaching beneath Ethan and forcing his hand away so that he could have the pleasure of stroking him.

“Fuck, yes,” Ethan growled, thrusting his hips forward into Beau’s palm and then back so that Beau drove in deeper. “I love when you’re wrapped around me like this. I never want it to end.”

Fuck. When Ethan put it that way, there wasn’t much Beau could do to keep from losing it. He increased his pace, but not too much. This was another one of those moments that Beau wanted to last forever. Being close to Ethan was more than he ever imagined and the only thing he needed to keep his world running smoothly.

As he stared down at their left hands now fully twined together despite the pain from the new tattoos, Beau whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you back,” Ethan replied, squeezing his hand tighter. 

The pure love he sensed in Ethan’s words and his actions sent Beau over the edge. 

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