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Tessa & Cooper: Dinner’s Ready

“Dinner’s ready!” Tessa hollered as she grabbed the huge bag of dog food that had yet to be emptied into the bucket.

“What’re we havin’?” Cooper asked, walking into the room sans shirt and shoes.

Tessa grinned at her husband.

​ “Not your dinner.”

​“What? Then why’d you yell?” he asked, scratching the top of his head.

“Havoc and Harmony have to eat too, you know.”

“Before me?” 

“Yours is cookin’.” 

“And you couldn’t have just said that?” 

“You didn’t ask,” Tessa argued, scooping dog food into one of the bowls before setting it aside and doing the same to the other.

“I did, too,” Cooper countered, his tone surprisingly frustrated.

Tessa did enjoy getting him riled up, even if he hadn’t caught on to the fact that she was doing exactly that.

Cooper had to sidestep the two giant dogs that came barreling into the kitchen, tongues lolling as they stared at the bowls with desperation in their huge eyes. 

Knowing better than to tease the animals when they were hungry, because after all, Cooper was the one she enjoyed teasing, Tessa placed the bowls on the floor and took a step back. Havoc and Harmony didn’t waste any time before the dove in face first.

“So, what’s for dinner?” Cooper asked again, this time coming up behind her and nuzzling her neck. He had just showered and holy hell he smelled good. Too good.

“Food,” she answered a little breathlessly, tilting her head slightly to give him better access.

“What kind of food?” 

“Hot food.”

“Lord, have mercy, woman. Can’t you ever just give me a simple answer?”

“That’d be too easy,” Tessa teased, reaching around and sliding her fingers into the hair at Cooper’s nape. 

“Well, darlin’, I can assure you that nothin’ about you is easy. Not sure why I expected it to change anytime soon. I guess I should just be lucky you’re cookin’ for me.”

“Exactly.” And with that, Tessa turned in the circle of Cooper’s arms and planted a big, wet kiss on his lips. “But maybe if you’re good, I won’t make you eat on the floor.”

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