AMTP Release! A video note from Nicole


  1. You are awesome! Thanks for giving us more wonderful books to read.

  2. LOL, you are so cute Nicole! Love you and can't wait to start the book tonight!!!! Thanks for coming out of your comfort zone.

  3. That was fantastic! This may be the only way that some of us get to meet you, so thank you for sharing yourself! Congrats again on your release day!

  4. Thanks for the video message & keep cranking out more great books for us to enjoy! 🙂

  5. Started reading this morning and love it so far. Little crush on Tarik I must say. Thanks again.

  6. It was nice to "see" you again! Can't wait to delve into the book and the one in the cowboy anthology! Hope to see more of these videos over the year, and maybe you can convince your team to pop in once or twice. Love to you and Happy Release Day!

  7. About half way through and LOVE IT!!!!!!

  8. You shouldn't be nervous you did fine. I will say that I love your books and no matter what you write they are great reads reguardless. So keep up the great work. I am also looking forward to the next creation that you make.

  9. I am not sure why this came across as anonymous! But, this is Tanya

  10. This is awesome! Great job Nicole!!! I can't wait to start this book. Happy release day!!!

  11. Hey Nic~~ loved the video. It was great to see you and hear your voice rather than just reading your words. Don't get me wrong, I love your words on my kindle, but it was fun hearing and seeing you. Hope you plan to do more videos throughout the year. I'm right in the middle of a book right now but the minute I finish it, I'm starting on AMTP. Excited about this one because of all the excerpts you've given us and the fact that it's your first stand alone. Probably keep me way, way too late!!!

  12. Thank you for the video and so many amazing books….can't wait to read A Million Tiny Pieces.


  13. Nicole, thank you for writing some of the best erotic westerns, ménages and erotica that I have ever read. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and greeting us via the Internet. That is the only way most people will ever get a chance to meet you

  14. Love the video! 🙂 I am looking for to AMTP – i've enjoyed your books for years and always am happy to see another new title. Congrats on the release of your first stand-alone novel – I am looking forward to it!

  15. Nicole, you are in my top 5 favorite authors and I have enjoyed reading every one of your books. Looking forward to reading A Million Tiny Pieces. Great job on your video and thanks for bringing so many wonderful stories that have given me a great escape from everyday life.

  16. you are a great writer I have all of your books and I love them!

  17. Thx for sharing with Us–you did good–it will get easier just wait and see

  18. you did amazing and thank you for being an amazing author.

  19. It was nice "seeing" an author and hearing your voice which makes you more "real" to your readers. You did a great job for your first time and as you continue you'll become a real pro. Congrats on your newest release.

  20. Nicole,
    I so admire you for conquering your fears and your issues like being anxious in front of a camera! I am so excited to read A Million Tiny Pieces, as I am to read all your books. Your contribution to mental health education as well as the joy you bring millions through your beautiful gift as an author is amazing and truly awe inspiring. I am on pins and needles to read A Million Tiny Pieces and wish you the very best in 2015!

    In love and gratitude for all you do –
    Kelly ��

  21. I'm reading it know. I don't want it to end 😥. I love your series. Thank you for ALL the great books you have written for are enjoyment to read. I always look forward to the next one. Thank you 😍

  22. You did an amazing job in front of the camera!! Big hugs and love and major props from ur Rock Radio psyched for #AMillionTinyPieces

  23. Way to get outside that comfort zone. You did a wonderful job! Keep this up and you can challenge the rest of us to do the same.

  24. I find for that the bench mark of a truly well written story is when I never want the story to end…Nicole Edwards hits that bench mark every time she "puts pen to paper" so to speak and "A Million Tiny Pieces" is a truly well written story with characters that have captured my heart and make wont to read more…Phoenix, Mia, and Tarik are awesome and they make you root for them from start finish. If you love a good love story with hot alpha makes and a feisty female lead with a heart of gold, that also has some pretty hot sex thrown in the mix than this definitely the book for you to read…I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more to come in the future.

  25. It downloaded at midnight on the 20th and I was finished by 11pm on the 21st. If I could have done nothing but read without interruption I would have been done on the 20th

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