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Phoenix, Mia, Tarik: Going to a Game

“Did you expect her to get this excited?” Tarik asked Phoenix as he watched Mia jump up and yell at the ref for a bad call.

Phoenix smirked. “She’s a little passionate, that’s for sure.”

“A little?” Unable to help himself, Tarik grinned. 

​Truth was, he loved watching Mia at the games. Ever since the first one they’d taken her to months ago, she’d asked to go back. Now, it was at the point that she attended every home game and several away games when they managed to get her to go with them. With school, she couldn’t get away as much as they’d have preferred, but at least it was something.

Her jersey read Pierce-Marx with the number three on the back and Tarik remembered the day she’d showed it to them, a surprise on her part. The fact that the jersey was fitted and short enough to show off her sweet little ass encased in those hip-hugging jeans only made her that much hotter.

“Are you serious, ref?” Mia squealed before plopping back down in her seat. “Did you see that? Can you believe that call?”

Tarik laughed along with Phoenix. When Mia turned her head to look at them, frowning as she did, Tarik took her hand. “You okay?”

“No,” she grumbled, although she smiled brightly as she did. “Are these games always this stressful?”
“Only for the owners… and die-hard fans,” Phoenix told her.

“Well, that explains it,” Mia replied, her eyes returning to the ice.

She leaned forward, her elbows on her knees as she watched the action directly in front of her. When the players migrated to the end of the ice where they were seated, Tarik leaned back in his chair, waiting. He didn’t have to wait long because Mia launched herself up from her seat and slammed her hands on the glass, yelling at the players.

Phoenix laughed again, but then got to his feet before wrapping his arms around Mia and pulling her back.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Tarik joined them and then followed Phoenix up the stairs toward the mezzanine. 

“Where are we going?” Mia questioned, her head turning, her eyes meeting Tarik’s over Phoenix’s shoulder.

Tarik shrugged, trying not to laugh.

The woman was something else.

Phoenix didn’t bother explaining himself as he set her on her feet, took her hand and then led her toward the owner’s suite. The thought of what was going to happen next made Tarik’s body harden.

This wasn’t the first time Phoenix had intervened with one of Mia’s tirades and maybe that was the reason Tarik loved how passionate she got at the games. It always worked out in his favor in the end. 

Once inside the suite, Tarik closed and locked the door, effectively sealing the three of them inside.

Mia made a beeline for the glass that overlooked the arena. The view wasn’t nearly as good from up there as it had been a moment ago down on the floor, but Tarik didn’t mind much. At the moment, there was something—or rather someone… no, make that two someones—who’d garnered his full attention.

“I thought maybe you’d like to work off a little of that energy,” Phoenix told Mia, stalking toward her. 

Tarik laughed. He wasn’t going to argue with that idea.

“Is that right?” Mia asked, her voice low, seductive, as she turned to face them, her back to the glass. “And how do you propose I do that?”

The first time Tarik and Phoenix had brought Mia to the owner’s suite, they hadn’t bothered to inform her that no one could see in but they could see out. Instead, they’d teased her mercilessly and gotten her naked right there in that very room.

Similar to what Tarik intended to do now. Apparently, based on the gleam in Phoenix’s eyes, he intended the same thing.


Mia tried not to look too pleased with herself. She’d known exactly what they were planning to do if she got too aggressive down near the ice and she’d purposely amped up her enthusiasm with that in mind.

Not that she hadn’t been engrossed in the game because she had. But she was more interested in what was about to happen than a bunch of men on ice skates.

These two men took every ounce of her concentration, especially when they were looking at her the way they were now. 

Mia watched as Phoenix removed his jacket, shrugging out of it and laying it over one of the leather chairs before starting to unhook the buttons on his crisp white shirt. He’d lost the tie at her insistence prior to the game… Well, actually, she’d managed to get him out of it in the limo on the way to the arena and she’d refused to give it back, telling him she wanted him to loosen up a bit.

Her eyes darted to Tarik, not wanting him to hold back. The last time they’d been in the suite, she’d been the only one naked and she really didn’t want that to be the case tonight.

Her eyes widened when Tarik reached behind his head, grabbed a handful of cotton and pulled the lightweight sweater he was wearing over his head. 

She sighed.

It was an involuntary response to the two sexy men in front of her. All hard muscle and sheer determination they were.

“Your turn,” Phoenix instructed when he removed his shirt entirely.

Feeling a tad modest, Mia lifted her jersey slowly before taking it completely off. “That better?”

“A little,” Tarik mumbled as he reached for her, pulling her against his firm chest. 

When his mouth came down to meet hers, Mia lost herself in his kiss. He smelled good, a woodsy, musky scent that did incredible things to her insides. 

As proof of how distracted she was when they were near, Mia found herself completely naked in minutes, with both men pressed up against her, Tarik against her front, Phoenix against her back.

“Mmm,” Phoenix groaned in her ear. “I definitely like you like this.”

Her body heated another twenty degrees instantly and when Tarik tweaked her nipples, tugging them gently with his fingers, she fell back against Phoenix, begging for more. Tarik didn’t disappoint, leaning down and taking one nipple between his lips, his teeth and tongue joining the mix, tormenting her until Mia thought she would explode. 

And knowing her men, that was going to happen very, very soon.

And she couldn’t freaking wait.

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