Sawyer Week Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of Sawyer Week!

Check out Sawyer and Kennedy’s bios:

We asked Sawyer a few questions from his fans and he graced us with some answers that you can read below (stay tuned for more questions throughout the week):
How do you feel about so many people being excited to read your book?

Sawyer: It’s very cool. I know I’ve got a lot of pressure on me, especially when you consider my brothers and how very popular they are. But, I think I can hold my own.

Did you get any interesting propositions when you were standing roadside with the sign?

Sawyer: Of course. That was part of the motivation. Getting people’s attention comes easily for me. And, sometimes I get bored, hence the sign. Let’s just say there were quite a few ladies who were quite interested in putting me to work.
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  1. Congrats Nicole thank you for the chance, I can't wait till i get my copy xxxxx

  2. great books hope their more to come.

  3. so glad Sawyer is out–rafflecopper not working for me ;(

  4. Can't wait for Sawyer!!Thanks for the chance!!☺

  5. Loved Sawyer

  6. Amazing book Nicole was honored to be a part of this tour

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