Statham VS Diesel

So, I, personally, couldn’t decide between these two amazing men, but maybe y’all can?

 They both…

are tough…




                                  Have attractive serious faces…

… as well as wonderful arms…

And look great behind the wheel.

Who would YOU choose??


  1. Jason he my man and who I think of for my main BBF's ….lol

  2. Jason.Statham. Only. Always.
    Top of my "permission granted" list!
    Plus hot accent;)

  3. Oh this one's easy! Jason Statham all the way!! 🙂

  4. Vin cause he pick a girl up and lay her on his car yummy

  5. Jason Statham has been a crush of mine since The Italian Job. All of the above attributes plus that sexy as f*&k accent? Instant panty melting man!

  6. VIN DIESEL!!!!!! He will always be my number 1! 🙂

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  8. That is easy VIN DIESEL all the way baby!!!!

  9. Jason, i think he's handsomer plus the accent.

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