WFM Week – Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of Wait for Morning Week!

Marissa Trexler here… I tried to get Trace to post, but he graciously declined and informed me that I had more to say than him. He followed that by telling me that I sometimes managed to talk for hours on end. I don’t agree, but I figured writing a brief note was a heck of a lot easier than arguing with him, so here I am. It’s not a secret that Nicole is incredibly nervous about this release, although we’ve all attempted to assure her there was no reason to be worried. She hasn’t listened and not even the pina colada she had with lunch has helped calm her nerves. But, maybe if we keep on her enough, she’ll relax a little. (That or have another drink). Hope you all have a fantastic day and hopefully you’re checking out Wait for Morning so you can see the excitement going on.

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