My Weekly Hot Sheet

So, you may have heard about my monthly newsletter. Well, back in December we decided to attempt to give out weekly updates based off of our weekly Monday Morning Meetings to keep y’all in-the-know with what is planned to go on during the week, and we deemed this ‘Nic’s Hot Sheet’. We try to keep it short n’ sweet as well as fun so y’all stay interested because we all know how Mondays go… and I like to think we do a pretty good job of it. 🙂 Along with the information about upcoming books, et cetera for that week we also give out special content in the Hot Sheet like sneak peeks and character notes every now and then.

If this sounds in any way appealing, which I really hope that it does, feel free to check it out sometime by subscribing!
The Hot Sheet goes out every Monday!
(Below are some of the things you’ll find.)

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