Thought maybe you’d be interested in seeing a little something from the upcoming 2016 Naughty Holidays book.

How about some Ethan and Beau?

(unedited excerpt – subject to change)

“E?” Beau stepped into the house, set his keys and his phone on the table by the door, shrugged off his coat, then headed in the direction of the incredible aroma emanating from the kitchen. It was Friday and not only was it the beginning of the weekend, it was the beginning of Christmas weekend, Christmas being on Sunday.
“In here, babe.”
Beau made it as far as the doorway before he stopped in his tracks, his eyes raking over the sexy-as-fuck man standing shirtless by the center island. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see around the counter to know whether or not Ethan was wearing pants, but knowing Ethan…
Ethan’s blue-gray eyes lifted, meeting Beau’s across the room. A sinful grin tipped the corner of his luscious mouth, morphing into a mischievous smirk.
“You don’t usually cook when you’re naked,” Beau stated bluntly, hoping like hell Ethan was naked. The guy looked damn good in clothes, but without… holy fuck.
Ethan stepped out from behind the island. “Not naked.”
Beau laughed. Nope, technically, his husband was dressed, if a pair of silky black boxers qualified as clothing—which they didn’t. Considering Beau had every intention of pulling those off in the next two and a half seconds, Ethan was as good as naked.
Good thing it was warm in the house.
“What’re you doin’?” Ethan laughed, dropping the knife to the counter with a clatter before dancing around the island, trying to get away from Beau.
“You can’t tease a man like that.” Jesus Christ. Ethan looked good enough to eat. All that sleek skin covering solid muscle… screw the food.
Ethan’s eyes darkened, but his smile didn’t disappear when Beau pressed him up against the refrigerator. “Tease you?” Ethan snorted. “I wasn’t teasing you, this was a test.”
Beau leaned in for a kiss, sliding his hands up the smooth skin of Ethan’s stomach and chest. He wasn’t sure which part of him grew bigger, his dick or his heart. Both had it bad for this dark-haired, smoky-eyed, sexy-as-fuck man. “Did I pass?”
Ethan shook his head slightly, pressing his lips to Beau’s.
“No?” Beau took a step back and stared at the delicious man crowded between him and the stainless steel refrigerator.
“Nope. I thought for sure your attention would go right to the food when you walked in the door.”
“Baby,” Beau pressed up against him again, sliding his mouth to Ethan’s ear, “there ain’t nothin’ in this world that’ll pull my attention off you when you’re half dressed. Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doin’. Food doesn’t hold a candle to you.”

Naughty Holidays 2016
Release Date: December 1, 2016

Preorder your copy now for only $0.99
(price goes up after release)


  1. Thank you for the sneak peak into the HOlidays….CANNOT wait!!!

  2. I'm getting to excited for this to come out!

  3. Thank you! I loved it!

  4. LOVE these Guys–already pre ordered– can't wait
    thx Nicole

  5. OMG, I freaking ĺove this couple, thank you for teaser Nicole, can't wait to read Naughty Holidays x

  6. Oh my!!!!! I love these two!!!!! I cannot wait!! Thank you for the tease!!!

  7. Thanks Nicole, this is my favorite couple. So glad they make this year's Naughty Holiday!!

  8. Thanks! I loved it! I am so happy they are in the book. They are my fave M/M couple 🙂

  9. Awwww, that was so sweet and I am so ready for the rest of Naughty Holiday!! Thanks for the great teaser.

  10. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that's all I can say. Can't wait for the holidays and some Walkers. Thank you for the teaser.

  11. Cannot wait! All time favorite M/M couple! Appreciate the teaser

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