C2C2016… 31

It has officially begun! 

The 4th annual 
Nicole & Colt’s 31-day Countdown to Christmas
is underway! 
Colt and I have so much fun planning this every year and this year, we’ve got some amazing prizes in store! Thanks to some of my generous author friends, not only do we have some awesome gifts, but we’ve got signed books coming your way, too!

So, strap yourselves in and get ready for an incredible ride! 

Now let’s kick it off with day 31!
To participate, you will need to:

Head over to Nicole Edwards Author Page and find the Day 31 “Caption This” post 
and post a comment captioning the photo.
Atari Flashback 7
a signed copy of RUSH (Austin Arrows, 1) and KAUFMAN (Austin Arrows, 2)
*Contest runs from 8am CST, November 24th through 8am CST, November 25th*
*One (1) winner will be randomly selected and notified on Facebook*

If you haven’t yet preordered your copy of Naughty Holidays 2016, be sure to grab yours today. The preorder price of $0.99 ends after release day!

Book Description:

The readers voted and the winners for the 2016 holiday book are: Alluring Indulgence: Ethan & Beau; Sniper 1 Security: Trace & Marissa; Pier 70: Hudson & Teague. Come and see how they are heating up the holidays this year!

Ethan Walker knows exactly how blessed he is. He’s still overcoming pain from his past, but he knows with Beau by his side, he can do anything. This year he wants to give the man he loves the ultimate gift.

Trace Kogan has one Christmas gift that he wants to give his beautiful wife. He knows she’s ready and he is too. Now, it’s time for some action.

Hudson Ballard and Teague Carter will spend their first Christmas together. What kind of trouble will they find themselves in? Whatever it is, it’s sure to be a wild ride.

BONUS: Letters to Lorrie and Curtis are included ​(originally published on my blog)

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