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Yes, you read that right. I’m bragging about my cooking skills. 

No, I’m no Emeril or Rachael Ray or … well, whoever other famous chefs are, but I can hold my own. 

Okay, not really.
I’m seriously exaggerating because other than package mashed potatoes, Ramen, and whatever I can toss in the microwave, I’ve got no kitchen skills, whatsoever. 

However, I am quite capable of working my away around my new favorite toy! It’s the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer! Yep. Kick ass machine that even I can work.

So for those who know me or have paid attention these last eight or so years I’ve been visible on social media, you probably can’t recall the last time I cooked. Good reason for that. I don’t. In fact, I hate to cook. 

Not anymore! 

Yes, what you see in my fancy little toaster oven are cookies. Packaged, no less. But they are cookies and I made them! I also made salmon and asparagus, plus some boneless chicken breasts for the dogs. This week I’ve got some lemon pepper chicken on the menu and I’m sure I’ll come up with something else. And for those of you who work magic in the kitchen, you won’t understand how awesome this is for me, but I’m loving it! ​​Watch out, world, I’ve got a new skill!

Y’all, seriously. I might just have to invite people over so I can cook! 

Then again, probably not.

Much love,

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