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Sneak Peek of Deadly Coincidence

“Why are you here?”

JJ shrieked, jumping back in her chair and damn near toppling over.

Clutching her chest where her heart thumped a little too hard, JJ glared over at the man who appeared at the top of the stairs.

“You scared me half to death, Reese Tavoularis,” she chided.

His response: a smirk.

The butthole.

Worse, he smirked, and it had that dimple in his cheek winking, which was oddly endearing and made it nearly impossible to be angry with the man.

“I’m workin’,” she told him, doing a double take when her brain processed the eyeful of sexy cowboy.

Reese looked smoking hot in his black button-down, ass-hugging Wranglers, lightly scuffed boots, and a black felt Stetson sitting atop his handsome head.

Somewhere close to six and a half feet tall, not too skinny, not too muscular, with a striking jawline and pretty brown eyes, Reese Tavoularis was a ridiculously attractive man.

Such a shame the guy recently realized he was gay, falling fast and hard for Brantley.

“Why’re you here?” she asked, not voicing the lookin’ like that part.

“To find out why you’re here.”

“Did Brantley send you?” she asked, smiling as she turned her attention back to her computer.


“Well, you can tell him I’m fine. I don’t need a babysitter on New Year’s.” JJ toggled to another screen. “I thought y’all were goin’ out.”

“We are.”

“Well, you better get goin’,” she drawled. “I mean, it’s good to be fashionably late, but not so late that you miss the party.”

“Doubt we’ll miss it,” he said drolly. “Still a few hours till midnight.”

JJ relaxed in her chair, spun it to face him. “Why don’t you sound happy about that?”

“I can think of better ways to pass the time.”

She popped her eyebrows. “Naked, right? With Brantley? I can—”

“Don’t even,” he warned, fighting a smile.

​“Fine.” She wouldn’t go there. Aloud, anyway.

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