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January 25, 2022

Volume 2

A Good Start to the New Year!

I’ve been busy this year although it hasn’t been writing. Well, not entirely. I’m still writing, but I’ve had a bit of a lull this past week.

Of course, I’ve filled my time listening to a couple of audiobooks, namely, DEADLY COINCIDENCE and ALIBI. Let me tell you, I never tire of listening to Tor Thom and Charley Ongel. They are amazing. Probably the reason they’ve narrated 18 of my books and I’m hoping they’ll do many, many more in the future. In fact, right now they are working on SECRETS

Did you catch that? I’ve got a book coming up in the very near future! The next in the Brantley Walker: Off the Books series is scheduled to release on February 22, 2022. If you haven’t read the ongoing series, might I suggest it? My review team is gearing up to read it … (and if you’re on my review team, check your email because the ARC signup form is open)

In the meantime, I promise, I’m not slacking off. I’m focusing my efforts on the next book. While I thought it would be a standalone, I’m not sure that will be the case. I’ve got something else underway. I promise I’ll let you know more as soon as I know. 

Big News

New Release in audio!

Available for Preorder!

Now you can catch up on the entire Brantley Walker: Off the Books series in audio to prepare for the upcoming release of SECRETS!

Coming February 22, 2022! 

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Epic Cuteness

It’s common to find them like this in the afternoon. While I work, they snooze. 


As I mentioned, I’m switching things up a bit. While I’ve been working on a smoking hot standalone, I’ve got the Southern Boy Mafia bug and since it ties in directly with the upcoming SECRETS release, I’ve reset my focus. More to come, I promise. 

My week of words:

WIP: Chain Reaction
Don't Forget
Coming Up!

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