FAQs – About Books (order, releases, etc) and Characters

Because many of my series overlap, the best way to read is based on the overlap reading order, starting with Club Destiny, then moving along to Alluring Indulgence. However, you do not have to read all books in the series. The majority of my books are standalone in nature, meaning they are about one couple/throuple and finish with a HEA (happy ever after) or at the least, a HFN (happy for now).
If at all possible, I do not end with a cliffhanger. There may be a couple of books that have a "leading" ending but my goal is to end the story with a HEA for the main characters.
The honest answer is: if I know what's next, you will find it on my website. I utilize Nicole Nation, a group for VIP readers, to do First Looks and Sneak Peeks, so if you're interested in knowing first, I would love for you to join. It's completely free and you can find more information about
This is a question I get a lot because I tend to have quite a few secondary characters, especially in my series. The short answer is: I do not know. I write the characters that inspire me at the moment. When I start writing a new series, of course I want all the characters to get books. Unfortunately, not all characters speak to me when the time comes. I do make an effort to listen to the readers, so when there's a lot of interest, I try to accommodate. Key word being: try.
Probably not. That's the answer for nearly any character name you enter in that space. While I have written a couple of sequels, my goal is to write a complete story for the characters. There are exceptions, for example: Brantley Walker: Off the Books, which is an ongoing series that focuses on Brantley Walker and Reese Tavoularis, as well as the members of the Off the Books Task Force.
I write what I love to read. When it comes to the books I enjoy, I gravitate to romantic suspense as well as paranormal all the time. But I love my books with spice, therefore, that is the basis of my overall writing. You will find erotic elements in nearly every book I write.
The Alluring Indulgence series is published by Simon & Schuster and they opted not to release in paperback. The ones you find online are the first five in the series because they were self-published before Simon & Schuster took them. I made an arrangement with them to purchase a limited number of books to sell in my online store.
Absolutely. However, it is going to take time to get the remaining books in audio. Because I self-publish my books in audio, I am required to pay for the narration prior to release. This can be expensive, but I am budgeting accordingly and will get new books released in audio as soon as possible. You will find updated details regarding each book's audio status on the audiobooks page.
I do. I have a review team, which is open to Nicole Nation members. Visit Nicole Nation for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions – About Nicole

I do. Sometimes. Before I start a new book, I create a playlist for that book or I use one I've created for the series. I choose the songs as they pertain to the individual characters and the relationship I sense between them. On each book page, you will find the corresponding playlist or you can see my channel on Apple Music. If I am extremely focused, I do not listen to music, however, I will listen to those playlists to inspire me when I am not writing.
We met online through Yahoo Personals (yes, that was before the whole Internet dating craze) in November 2001. We talked via email for a couple of weeks, then by phone for a couple more weeks. When he finally asked me out, I had him meet me over at my parents' house (I had no idea if he was a serial killer, after all) and he took me to see Monsters Inc. We were married in April 2002 and he's still putting up with me to this day.
Like most readers, I have my go-to authors. I would say my absolute favorite is J.R. Ward, specifically her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. She writes a world that I find myself getting lost in, find myself wanting to get lost in. I am also a huge fan of J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) and the In Death series. In my opinion, she is possibly the greatest author I have ever read. She writes relatable characters. Other go-tos include Lora Leigh and Suzanne Brockmann.
I produce a few different newsletters: Nic News - for updates on new releases, preorders, events, and other important information - sign up here Blog - I use my blog for fun and sometimes informative posts. You can sign up to get the blog posts in email.
I have a Facebook page, as well as a Facebook reader group where I spend most of my time. You can also follow me on Instagram, but be warned, you'll probably see an overabundance of pictures of my golden retrievers, as well as on TikTok where I post a variety of videos pertaining to my life.
At this time (August 2021) I am not doing book signings because of my anxiety. I am always honored when someone requests I attend a particular signing, but unfortunately, this is not something I'm up to at this time.