Zeke, Brax, Case: Christmas Card Photos

“Whose fucking idea was this?” I still couldn’t believe they’d talked me into this nonsense. “You look fantastic,” the cowboy said, smiling at me like I was some sort of fucking male model. “You do look damn fine,” the pretty boy agreed. I glanced in the mirror, buttoning the suit jacket. They were right. I […]

Roan & Seg: Halloween and Hockey

“If you two don’t hurry it up, we’ll be late,” Seg shouted from where he stood by the front door. Where he’d been standing for the past ten minutes because Roan insisted he had a surprise for him. “Almost ready!” Roan called back. Seg rolled his eyes. How many times had he heard that in […]

Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Naughty Holidays Book

I thought you might enjoy a little taste of what’s to come in this year’s Naughty Holidays book. Note: This is an unedited snippet and may be removed from the book before publishing. Logan was fairly certain his wife was going to be the death of him. Not that he was complaining about the fact […]

Surprise Sneak Peek

I’ve been working on a special project for a while now – it’s a Standalone, MMF ménage. I still have quite a way to go, but I thought maybe you’d want to see a special sneak peek.  (Note: this is an unedited sneak peek and may or may not end up in the final book) […]

Sneak Peek of Alibi

Travis Walker propped his head on his hand and stared down at the beautiful woman still sleeping beside him, the soft morning light peeking in through the window allowing him to see. It was one of those rare moments, the kind where he could simply remain still, his brain not erupting in chaos, allowing him […]


This was my 9th year participating in the May Mental Health Awareness book fundraiser, which raises money for the Keith Milano Memorial Fund benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  This has been a particularly rough year for me from a mental health standpoint. In fact, the last few years have been difficult, but I […]

Sneak Peek of Deadly Coincidence

“Why are you here?” JJ shrieked, jumping back in her chair and damn near toppling over. Clutching her chest where her heart thumped a little too hard, JJ glared over at the man who appeared at the top of the stairs. “You scared me half to death, Reese Tavoularis,” she chided. His response: a smirk. […]

Queen of…

My husband will tell you—Wait. And my kids. ​Yes, my husband and​ my kids (because they all like to give me shit) will tell you that I might have a small obsession with rearranging things. And by things, I’m talking about furniture. And sometimes it’s not just the furniture I rearrange, but the room. The whole room. And the furniture.  *Sigh* Fine. I have […]

Sneak Peek of Owned

Enjoy a sneak peek of Owned (Office Intrigue, 8) Warning: this is ​​Not Safe For Work TALON ​I could’ve feasted on Braelyn all damn day. Her taste was quickly becoming an addiction, and her responses… I loved that she didn’t hold back, her soft moans echoing in the space. “Talon…” “Hmm?” I peered up the length of her body. […]

Sneak Peek of Owned – Releases February 23

JASPER TATE It drove me crazy that I could not get my mind off Ransom. Ever since he’d disrupted my workday and instructed me to be at his place after shift, I’d thought of little else besides what he had in store for me. Now, as I closed and locked up the clinic, my heart […]

Brantley & Reese: Wakin’ You Up Properly

NSFW “Mornin’,” Brantley whispered when Reese opened his eyes. “Are you watchin’ me sleep?” Reese grumbled, not bothering to open his eyes. “Maybe.” Reese grunted, rolled over, away from Brantley. He found it amusing that Reese was not a morning person. Brantley’d never thought he was either, but for the past six months or so, […]