Southern Boy Mafia

The Southern Boy Mafia came to be after I started writing the Sniper 1 Security series. I realized Courtney Kogan was in love with the ultimate bad boy. Enter Maximilian Adorite. Over the years, Max has played a vital role in many of my series, utilized because of his status as a powerful mafia boss.

Devil's Playground

So, I went through a disturbing case of writer’s block back in April (2015). I was distraught, unable to even come up with anything to write. My characters had gone completely dark. So, when I talked to my friends and family, they suggested I write anything. It didn’t need to be from a current series. It was a chance to do something completely new.

Well, Devil’s Playground isn’t completely new because it’s a spin-off from the Southern Boy Mafia series, though it can be read on its own.

What comes next...

SBM, 3