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Kelly O.
Kelly O.
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I knew that from the moment Sawyer put that ' sex for sale ' sign around his neck, that he was the Walker boy for me.
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Sawyer and Kennedy ... swoon, they may be my favorite couple yet.
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Nicole never disappoints!!! I want a walker brother for myself.


March 2, 2015


Alluring Indulgence, 7


Contemporary Romance

Page Count

325 Pages




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✔️ Friends to Lovers

✔️ Family Saga

✔️ Small Town

From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nicole Edwards comes the seventh book in her Alluring Indulgence series, erotic romances featuring the Walker brothers from Coyote Ridge, Texas, and their sizzling-hot love interests.

Sawyer Walker has never run into problems with women. The female population tends to swarm toward him, in fact, and he’s never had a complaint. 

But there’s one woman Sawyer has always had his eye on. A woman who won’t give him the time of day. In recent months, it would seem that Kennedy Endsley is opening up to Sawyer, but she’s got a few surprises in store for him. Because, as hard as she finds it to resist the handsome Walker brother, she won’t give in easily. Not when her heart is on the line.

Present day

“What’s up, bro?” Braydon’s deep, rumbling voice echoed in the small bar, a shit-eating grin plastered on his smug face. 

Sawyer stared at his younger brother, fighting the urge to smile. It was a trained response, something he’d perfected over the years. He even had a smart-ass comeback hovering on the tip of his tongue, but he swallowed it. Tonight he just wasn’t feeling it. He couldn’t pinpoint exactly why his mood was sour, either. Maybe it was due to so many things going on at once. Or possibly it was a small amount of jealousy that was eating at him after spending so much time over Thanksgiving watching his brothers and their significant others together. Whatever it was, he knew he had to shake it soon or he was opening himself up for harassment from the whole lot of them.

As much as he knew his lack of response would only invite Braydon to give him nine kinds of shit from that point forward, Sawyer kept his smile to himself as he stared back down at his beer. 

​“Never figured you for the type to pout.” 

Jab number one. 

Braydon’s well-placed dig would’ve caught Sawyer off guard had he not known his downturned mood was so out of the norm for him. That, and he knew just what to expect from every single one of his brothers. And because Sawyer was so damn perceptive, he’d been able to brace himself for the verbal punch. But, rather than giving Braydon the pleasure of seeing him get riled up, Sawyer opted to continue drowning himself in his beer. Alcohol was much more pleasant company at the moment, thank you very much. 

“Ah, so you’re gonna play like that,” Braydon nagged, obviously wanting to get a rise out of him. “How ’bout I join you then? We can wallow in your self-pity together.” Jab number two. “Got an extra Bud Light back there for me, Mack?” Braydon turned his attention to the big, burly bartender who’d been nicknamed for his likeness to the vehicle. He was as wide as he was tall, which was saying something, because Mack stood close to six feet. He had a barrel chest, but not an ounce of fat on his oversized frame. 

Now that he thought about it, Sawyer wasn’t sure what Mack’s real name even was. Maybe it was Mack. 

The bartender responded with a quick nod and then turned his broad back on the disgustingly happy Braydon. Sawyer knew he needed to say something to his brother or he’d invite all sorts of conversations he wasn’t up for. He couldn’t bring himself to d