FIVE STARS FOR Hard to Handle

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I loved every single second of this book. I loved the push and pull between Lynx and Reagan. These two could melt a polar ice cap in three point five seconds. They have some of the most amazing chemistry I've ever read.
Christine L.
Christine L.
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This book is filled with love and laughter, angst and tears, very hot sex scenes and very explosive drama with a satisfying climax, no pun intended, LOL.
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This book has everything a great book needs: suspense, romance, wonderful characters, an awesome storyline, and lots of lust.


July 11, 2017


The Walkers of Coyote Ridge, 4


Contemporary Romance

Page Count

280 Pages





✔️ Good Girl Falls for Bad Boy

✔️  Epic Love Story

✔️ Love Everlasting

✔️ Family Saga

✔️ Small Town

Lynx Caine is no stranger to trouble. He’s found himself knee-deep in it more times than he can count. But never has he found himself in the sort of hot water he’s in now. Lynx has been waiting what feels like a lifetime for Reagan Trevino to dump the loser she’s spent nearly a decade with. Now that she’s single, Lynx is free to make his move. And he fully intends to do so.

However, Reagan is not going to be easy to catch. She has some stipulations for the bad boy of Embers Ridge, and she has every intention of sticking to them. Or that was her plan. Unfortunately, her good intentions are thwarted when a madman draws her right into the line of fire. When Lynx refuses to let her out of his sight, Reagan soon realizes the sexy country boy might be tattooed from neck to knuckles, but he’s got a heart as big as Texas, and resisting him is a whole lot harder than she anticipated.

With the song blaring through the speakers, a Friday night with absolutely nothing to do but chill laid out before him, Lynx Caine was feeling no pain. He was minutes away from a cold beer with his name on it and good friends to hang out with.

“When the line froze, what did I see?” Lynx belted out loudly.

There was nothing better than a little Machine Gun Kelly rocking it out with Kid Rock.

“A bad motherfucker standin’ next to me.”

With September officially underway and August finally behind him, Lynx was ready to get his drink on, and he damn sure wasn’t opposed to getting his knuckles scraped a little if some smart-mouthed fucker wanted to go a round or two. With all the shit going on, it was safe to say, stress was a prominent word in his vocabulary. Between some crazy psychopath terrorizing his cousin’s girl, and said girl gearing up to