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Brantley Walker: Off the Books, 8

Released September 20, 2022

Gay Romance/Suspense

From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nicole Edwards comes the eighth installment in her Brantley Walker: Off the Books series.

Recently engaged and moving forward, Brantley Walker and Reese Tavoularis are enjoying a bit of downtime with friends and family. But anyone in their line of work knows that sitting idle never lasts long. 

When Reese’s brother, Z, asks for their assistance in finding a man who skipped bail and is now on the run from the law, as well as a few unsavory characters, the pair find themselves on a mission that’s a little outside of Reese’s comfort zone. No, make that way outside his comfort zone when he learns that the man they’re looking for is one of his mother’s former lovers. 

As is usually the case, nothing is as it seems, and Brantley, Reese, and the rest of the Off the Books Task Force find themselves mixed up with the mob as they try to uncover the truth.

~Nadine Bookaholic
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I found myself laughing out loud so many times while reading BOUNTY I lost count.
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As always Nicole Edwards draws me into the world of suspense, angst, PTSD, a lot of steam, the off the books team’s many relationships both romantic and non romantic and the beautiful romances between Brantley and Reese and JJ and Baz.
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I have come to love all of these characters and cannot wait for more.