Off Course

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Off Course (BW, 9)


Signed/personalized trade paperback

With wedding plans underway, Brantley Walker and Reese Tavoularis are attempting to create some balance between work and life. After a busy summer, they’ve finally slowed down enough to take a breather. At least until the hacker extraordinaire—aka Jessica James—jinxes them. The next thing they know, they’re in New York City, tracking down one of their own.

With rocky relationships between task force members on the rise, the mission can only be described as complicated, if not entertaining. But not for everyone. For Reese, bad memories are stirred up, forcing him to face his past.

A trip that is relatively straightforward in scope turns out to be anything but. Only when it’s obvious they’ve been sent off course does Brantley begin to question the motive.

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