Interview with Dalton Calhoun

What is your most annoying habit? Ha! I think that would depend on who you ask. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have any annoying habits.  What are some things that you can’t leave the house without? The one and only thing I take when I leave the house – aside from my truck keys – […]

A Devil’s Bend Christmas

NSFW ​“Are you ready for this?” Cooper asked Dalton when he came around to the back of the stage. Tessa had spent the week getting the stage at the Rusty Nail decorated for Christmas, and after a little interfering from Cooper – after all, they seriously needed a place to stand or they wouldn’t be […]

Tessa & Cooper: Dinner’s Ready

“Dinner’s ready!” Tessa hollered as she grabbed the huge bag of dog food that had yet to be emptied into the bucket. “What’re we havin’?” Cooper asked, walking into the room sans shirt and shoes. Tessa grinned at her husband. ​ “Not your dinner.” ​“What? Then why’d you yell?” he asked, scratching the top of his head.​“Havoc […]

Book Crush interviews Cooper Krenshaw (and Nicole)

The girls at Book Crush Reviews had a chance for a little face to face time with author Nicole Edwards and Country music star from Chasing Dreams, Cooper Krenshaw. Kara, Caryn and Karen met up at the The Rusty Nail with Nicole and Cooper. Because Kara is a wee bit excited to hang out with Nic and Cooper, we […]