Roan & Seg: Halloween and Hockey

“If you two don’t hurry it up, we’ll be late,” Seg shouted from where he stood by the front door. Where he’d been standing for the past ten minutes because Roan insisted he had a surprise for him. “Almost ready!” Roan called back. Seg rolled his eyes. How many times had he heard that in […]


Happy Tuesday! I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into Hudson and Teague from this year’s Naughty Holiday book! It’s available for #preorder now – only $0.99! TO GIVE AND TO RECEIVE – HUDSON & TEAGUE **Hudson & Teague are from SPEECHLESS (Pier 70,3)** Monday, December 12th “NO.” TEAGUE CARTER grinned, backing up. “No, […]

Cam & Gannon: Dinner Ideas

Cam stared into the refrigerator, not really seeing anything at all. There was plenty to eat, he knew that much, but he had no freaking idea what it was he wanted. If anything. “Figure it out?” Gannon asked from somewhere behind him. Cam shook his head.  It was his night to cook and, quite frankly, […]