Rafe Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek

Enjoy a sneak peek of Rafe!!! Rafe narrowed his gaze on Holt and waited to see if he would look his way. When he did, he saw the instant recognition on the man’s face. Along with that wicked smirk he was famous for. “Well, I’ll be damned,” Holt said in that rich bass of his. […]

Wolfe, Rhys, Amy: Just a Project, They Said

“Seriously, Wolfe,” Amy said, following him through the living room and into the kitchen. “It’s just one rocking chair. How hard could it be?” “It’s not hard, darlin’. But it takes time, plus—” Wolfe turned to face his woman and smiled. “You know what? Why don’t you come by the shop later this afternoon. Lynx […]

Highly Anticipated Release – BEAU

Nicole’s highly anticipated novel of 2018… BEAU Release Date: October 23, 2018Cover Image Copyright © Wander Aguiar PhotographyCover Model(s): Randy & Eisman THEIR LOVE IS UNDENIABLE… Happily married for four and a half years, Beau and Ethan Walker are ready for the next phase in their lives. They want what so many people dream of: […]


Thought maybe you’d be interested in seeing a little something from the upcoming 2016 Naughty Holidays book. How about some Ethan and Beau? (unedited excerpt – subject to change) “E?” Beau stepped into the house, set his keys and his phone on the table by the door, shrugged off his coat, then headed in the […]

Preorder CURTIS (Coyote Ridge, 1)

You read that correctly. FINALLY, the time has come for the original Walker’s story! Preorder your copy today for just $2.99!! “I’ve always believed for every person there was only one love that would last a lifetime. I never understood quite what it meant until I met you though. You’re it for me, Lorrie. You […]

Walker Wednesday!

I’ve been intending to implement Walker Wednesday for a long time. I figure today’s a fine day to get started. I haven’t set forth the outline for what it will entail yet, so I figured I’d start out simple. I’ve attached the Walker Family Tree here. Let me know what you’d like to see on […]