My intention is to always have one main focus when I’m writing. There are times when I’ll get frustrated with myself, the storyline, the characters … you get the idea. I wish I could say that I just power through, but I can’t. During times like that, I tend to look at other projects, putting my frustration on hold. I do frequently look back at projects I’ve got in the works though. And on the rare (very, very rare) occasion, I’ll actually work on two books at one time. Especially if they are part of my overlapping series.  

Current WIP
WIP: Untitled MMF Standalone

Other things I’m working on

Brantley Walker: Off the Books
Secrets (BW, 6) - Finished!
Dead Heat Ranch
Begging for Mercy
Misplaced Halos
MH, 4
Naughty Holidays
Naughty Holidays 2021
Sniper 1 Security
S1S, 4
Southern Boy Mafia
SBM, 3
Untitled MMF
The Walkers of Coyote Ridge
WCR, 11

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Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Naughty Holidays Book

I thought you might enjoy a little taste of what’s to come in this year’s Naughty Holidays book. Note: This is an unedited snippet and may be removed from the book before publishing. Logan was fairly certain his wife was going to be the death of him. Not that he

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