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Things Nicole Loves – Photo Treasure Hunt

As you all know, Colt and I are gearing up for the release of Infatuation (Club Destiny, #4) on February 28th and in order to celebrate this release, Colt has come up with a REALLY COOL contest!!!

COLT’S “Things Nicole Loves – Photo Treasure Hunt”


  1. Photo’s CANNOT come from the Internet/Google (do not take a picture of your computer screen)
  2. No pictures of or use of old photographs
  3. Every photo submitted MUST include a Quarter (.25) in the picture (or equivalent currency)
  4. In order to qualify, ALL 7 photos MUST be received


  1. Contest will start on Monday, February 18, 2013 and we will STOP taking submissions at 9pm CST on Monday, March 4, 2013 
  2. THIS IS NOT A FIRST TO COMPLETE WINS CONTEST. We want creativity and people to have time to participate and have fun with it. 
  3. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 6, 2013


  1. Submit an entry into the Rafflecopter below!!! AND
  2. All 7 photos must be submitted in one (1) email  to NicoleEdwardsContest(at) gmail (dot) com
  3. Any email that does NOT contain 7 photos or has any photo that does not contain the quarter (or equivalent currency) in the photo will be disqualified.
  4. The winner will be picked randomly once all the submissions are in and any that did not meet the requirements have been removed. You MUST enter in the Rafflecopter entry in order to qualify!
Remember, BE CREATIVE and HAVE FUN! (Hint: a picture of a toy elephant would qualify as long as the quarter is in the pic)
These are a few things that Nicole LOVES

  • Elephants – provide a photo of an elephant.
  • Ice cream – provide a photo of (a) the menu at an ice cream/yogurt shop OR (b) the dessert menu at a restaurant/fast food place – as long as it has ice cream on it.
  • The country (she’s from Texas) – provide a photo of a tractor
  • Books – provide a photo from INSIDE a bookstore or library
  • Fast cars – provide a photo of a RED sports car (you must crop or black out any dealer name or license plate #)
  • Club Destiny – provide a photo of a sign that contains the word “Club” and/or “Destiny” (street sign, billboard, business sign, etc)
  • To know where her fans are from – provide a photo of a sign that contains the name of your city and/or state and/or province, etc. (population sign, billboard, etc)
  • BONUS: (not required) Colt LOVES to play on the beer aisle! provide a photo of your favorite (or just a cool looking) adult beverage (in a glass during happy hour, in a bottle still at the store, etc – be creative!)
READ CAREFULLY, YOU MUST AGREE: By entering and participating in this contest you hereby attest that you are the owner of the photograph(s) you provide. You freely grant Nicole Edwards Author Page irrevocable permission to publish the image(s), in whole or in part and for a length of time determined by Nicole Edwards Author Page on her website, blog or other related Internet sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You understand that the picture may be used, in conjunction with other images, for marketing purposes as seen fit by the administrators of Nicole Edwards Author page. You warrant that said picture(s) is free of any abuse of copyright law. You will hold harmless the aforementioned, Nicole Edwards, from any liability by virtue of any distortion or alteration unless it can be proven that such alterations and or distortions were done with malicious intent. You have read and fully understand the contents of this release. You declare that you are over the age of 18 years, and are fully competent to read and agree to this and participate on the contest. 
Remember: Colt likes to have fun! Be creative, have fun, share your images on Facebook as you take them, but DO NOT put yourself or anyone else in harm’s way and DO NOT break any laws while playing! 
Now get going!!!

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7 Responses

  1. Just sent my email with all the pictures. I had a problem with the Rafflecopter though. I think I might have two entries under two different emails now because the thing kept locking up so I did it the next day and it did the same thing. I put that at the top of my pictures as well, but I'm hoping it at least registered one of my entries on the Rafflecopter. I had a blast doing this hunt.

  2. It shows me logged in to the Rafflecopter and it shows that I have entered. Sorry for the mess up if there were two entries or whatnot.

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