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McKenna Thorne Interviews Kaleb Walker

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Kaleb Walker – co-owner of the up and coming Alluring Indulgence resort. Although I haven’t had much interaction with him, I think many of you will find what he has to say interesting.
McKenna Thorne
McKenna Thorne: Is it true that you’ve known Zoey all of your life?
Kaleb Walker: For as long as I can remember. *smiles* I think she used to wear pigtails back in the third grade. I’m pretty sure I used to pull them. Let me tell you, she wasn’t fond of that back then. Although, she does seem to like it when I pull her hair now. *laughs* Sorry, probably too much information. But, to answer your question, yes, I’ve known Zoey all my life. Her parents have lived next door to mine long before Zoey or I were born.
McKenna Thorne: Did you ever think you’d end up planning to get married to the girl next door?
Kaleb Walker: No. I’m not sure I ever planned to get married period. I mean, it wasn’t something that I thought about. Sure, I had a crush on her, but our friendship was the most important thing to me. Zoey’s more like one of the guys, in many respects. She loves to hang out, talk, laugh. And well, I was afraid to lose that with her. I guess I never thought I’d have the opportunity to have all of that and more.
McKenna Thorne: What is your position going to be at the new resort?
Kaleb Walker: It hasn’t been determined yet. I’m working with Travis to map it out. Right now, we’ve been focused on raising the capital we need to get it off the ground. Now that building has started, I’m sure we’ll be coming up with delineated roles and responsibilities. I think it just depends on which of my brothers decide to come onboard. At this time, it’s just Sawyer, Travis and I. Until we have a chance to really talk to the others, I don’t really know.
McKenna Thorne: Do you wear boxers or briefs?
Kaleb Walker: *smiles* Neither if I can help it. When I can’t I wear boxer briefs. I’m not sure if that’s big news, but there it is.
McKenna Thorne: Do you and Zoey plan to have babies?
Kaleb Walker: We haven’t really talked about it. I’d like to have a few with Zoey. Right now, we’ve been so focused on the remodel of her father’s house and the resort that we’ve barely had time to talk about the weather.
McKenna Thorne: How’d your threesomes with Gage start? Do you plan to keep him in your relationship with Zoey indefinitely?
Kaleb Walker: Wow! Pulling out all the stops, are ya?*blushes* I know we were in high school. It started as teenage hormones, I’m sure. Now? We enjoy it. Zoey enjoys it. I seriously doubt Gage will be a part of my relationship forever, but until he decides otherwise, we don’t mind. I don’t think it’s something that can be planned out, like what you’re having for dinner, or where to go on vacation next year. The spontaneity makes it interesting and that’s all we can hope for.

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