Luke, Sierra, Cole: Countdown to 2015


Luke glanced around at the people who’d chosen to spend the last day of the year at his club. They were packed from wall to wall, which, now that he thought about it, really wasn’t much different than any other night. Not these days anyway. 

The club was doing well, better than he’d expected to be quite honest. After what happened with The Club @ Club Destiny, he’d been a little leery about Devotion going in, but Cole had proven to be a worthy partner, increasing memberships and ensuring the safety of their clientele.

​But, Luke wasn’t there to dwell on that now. No, he was there to spend some quality time with his husband and his wife, who were . . . nowhere to be found.

“Have you seen Sierra and Cole?” Luke asked Xander as he passed by.

Xander nodded with his chin toward the stairs. “Last I saw, they were securing a room.”

Luke frowned. Why would they need a room when he and Cole both had offices? If privacy was what they were looking for, wouldn’t they just go there? Regardless, he was going to find out. “Thanks.”

Xander muttered “your welcome” as he took Mercedes’s hand and led her toward one of the pieces of equipment they’d pulled out tonight, currently in the center of the main floor. Luke generally enjoyed watching the two of them scene together, but it was closing in on midnight and he didn’t intend to spend it alone watching someone else getting off. No, if anyone was going to be getting off, it was him. Right after Sierra and Cole.

His cock hardened as he headed for the stairs. He passed numerous others in various stages of play. Logan, Samantha and Elijah hadn’t even bothered with a room. They were occupying one of the leather couches seemingly enjoying themselves. Luke noticed Shane talking to a woman Luke didn’t recognize and Trent was occupying a dark corner, a blonde woman on her knees at his feet, his dick buried in her mouth.

Doing his best not to think about everyone else having a good time while he seemed to be playing a game of cat and mouse, Luke ascended the stairs, his focus on finding what he was looking for. 

Once he was on the second floor, he glanced into each room as he passed. Nope, no Sierra, no Cole.

What the hell?

When his search proved fruitless, he glanced over the railing and that was when he saw them. Sierra and Cole weren’t in a private room like Xander had said, they were . . . Holy fuck. 

Moving with purpose, Luke descended the stairs, returning to the first floor once again and making a beeline for the glass enclosed room they were occupying. Typing in the master code to open the door, Luke entered, his eyes trained on the scene in front of him.

“And just what the hell do y’all think you’re doin’ in here?” he asked, his brows furrowed as he looked at his stunningly beautiful wife on her knees with Cole’s thick cock lodged deep in her throat.

“Waiting for you,” Cole said gruffly, his fingers twined in Sierra’s silky black hair as he held her head and fucked her mouth.

“I would’ve been here sooner if you’d have issued me an invite,” Luke said, moving closer as he unbuttoned his slacks and freed his rock-hard cock.

“We did,” Cole confirmed. “Not that it matters now.”

“Oh, it fucking matters,” Luke told him gruffly.

Cole’s blue eyes flashed, darkening with his intensifying arousal. 

Rather than make a request, Luke gripped the back of Cole’s head and pulled him close, crushing his mouth to Cole’s. The kiss was brutally intense and so fucking sweet, Luke wasn’t sure he remembered what he’d intended to do when he walked into the room. When Cole’s big hand gripped Luke’s cock, his memory was jogged.

“Nuh-uh,” he warned Cole. “On your knees. But first, take your clothes off.”

“Off?” Cole asked, his eyes sliding to the glass walls and the people standing on the outside looking in.

Luke grinned. “Off. And you . . .” He crooked his finger at Sierra, encouraging her to get to her feet. When she did, he pulled her into his arms and lifted her, forcing her to wrap her legs around him. As always, kissing Sierra sent him into orbit, all thought fleeing with the exception of figuring out how quickly he could get his dick buried in her slick cunt. 

Easing himself into one of the chairs that sat in the center of the room, Luke lowered Sierra to his lap, his mouth seeking hers. 

When Cole cleared his throat, a clear signal that he was naked as instructed, Luke drew away from Sierra, glancing over her shoulder. “Lube.”

Cole nodded and then ventured to the steel cabinet in the corner, retrieving what he needed and returning quickly. Without further instruction, Cole went to his knees in front of Luke. 

“Oh, fuck,” Luke growled when Cole’s wicked mouth wrapped around him, sucking him deep. “Hell yeah. Suck me, Cole. Suck me hard.”

Returning his lips to Sierra’s, Luke wrapped her hair around his fist, holding her head still while he plundered her mouth, reveling in the way she slid her tongue against his as Cole expertly sucked Luke’s dick. Anyone who thought two wasn’t better than one didn’t have a fucking clue. Luke was living the dream, and moments like this one were what he craved. They didn’t happen nearly as often as they used to, not with Hannah getting bigger. It seemed that the three of them were usually too busy to make time, always coming up with one excuse or another, so when opportunities like this presented themselves, they were eager to take them.

“Fuck me,” Sierra whispered against his lips. “I want you both inside me at the same time.”

She didn’t have to tell him twice. 

“Put my cock inside her,” Luke instructed Cole.

Cole’s solid grip wrapped around Luke’s cock, stroking slowly, teasing him while he did as he was told. 

“Mmmm,” Sierra moaned against Luke’s neck. “I need you to fuck me hard.”

“My pleasure. But Sierra?”

“Huh?” she questioned without looking up. 

“We’re gonna fuck you like you need, but you can’t come until midnight.” Luke glanced at the clock. The countdown was getting close. There were only six minutes left until midnight.

“That’s not fair,” she whimpered as Luke gripped her hips and thrust up inside her. 

“Oh, it’s fair,” he assured her, his eyes meeting Cole’s. 

Luke got to his feet, his dick buried inside Sierra as he lifted her with him. He carried her across the room where he could lean against the wall. The room wasn’t equipped with a bed the way the private rooms upstairs were, so they had to make do with what they had. Or in this case, what they didn’t have. 

Not that they hadn’t done this plenty of times.

Bracing Sierra in his arms, Luke leaned his back against the wall, his eyes locked with Cole as the other man joined them. Cole took over, adjusting Sierra’s position and helping to hold her weight as Cole guided himself inside her ass.

“Fuck,” Cole groaned as he slid in deep. 

Luke could feel the hard ridge of Cole’s erection inside Sierra’s body. He loved when they DP’d her. It was one of his favorite things to do, and she seemed to enjoy it as well. Luke knew that was because it was the one way to bring the three of them together as one.

As he began to pump his hips forward, then withdrawing slowly, he held Sierra still while Cole did the same. They managed a consistent, steady rhythm that consumed the three of them. Luke tuned out everything else going on around them, didn’t even realize that the club had started counting down as they neared midnight. 

“Harder,” Sierra pleaded. 

Luke alternated with Cole, plunging into her tight sheath while she held on tightly. When she shifted, twisting her head so that she could meet Cole’s mouth, Luke leaned in, finding their mouths with his own briefly as the countdown moved into the teens. 

Unable to hold the kiss because the mind-blowing pleasure was more than he could bear, Luke stood to his full height, shifted Sierra slightly as he began fucking her ruthlessly. Cole pressed closer, his cock lodged deep in her ass, Luke’s momentum rocking them all. 

“Five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . .”

“Come for us, Sierra,” Luke growled. “Fucking come for us, now.”

“One! Happy New Year!” sounded from outside the room.

Sierra’s muscles clamped down on Luke’s cock, strangling his dick with undeniable pleasure as her orgasm gripped her. She cried out their names and Luke plummeted over the edge, his eyes locked with Cole’s.

“Love you both,” Luke mumbled as his body erupted at the same time Cole’s did.

And as he came back down, Luke made a new year’s resolution, something he never did. But this one was important. No more excuses about not enough time in a day. And their reward . . . Well, that was easy. 

More. Of. That.


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