Love me some… Scandal

Yes, as many of you may have heard, a while ago I got hooked on this TV show called Scandal.
As should you. Seriously. It’s. So. Good!!

If you enjoy sexy men, steamy love scenes, murder, crime, and,
of course, SCANDAL, then this is absolutely the show for you!

I just can’t make myself stop!
Being the wonderful man that he is, Colt has gone along and watched every single episode with me, and although he may deny it to everyone, I believe he’s in just as deep as I am! So, to wrap this up. Go. Go now. Get hooked on Scandal!!

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  1. Not sure how much time you have to pleasure read, but reading Hate F*@k while waiting your release. Series reads like a erotic Scandal episode. made me think of you r love all things Scandal 😉

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