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Cam stared into the refrigerator, not really seeing anything at all. There was plenty to eat, he knew that much, but he had no freaking idea what it was he wanted. If anything.

“Figure it out?” Gannon asked from somewhere behind him.

Cam shook his head. 

It was his night to cook and, quite frankly, he was beginning to hate these nights. It wasn’t that Cam didn’t know how to cook, it was that he didn’t have the same creativity that Gannon did when it came to food. A frozen pizza or even frozen lasagna usually were the first things to come to mind when he thought about dinner.

Gannon’s warm body pressed up against his back, and Cam took a deep breath, closing the refrigerator door.

“How about…” Gannon kissed the back of Cam’s neck. “Lemon pepper chicken and baked broccoli.”

Cam’s stomach rumbled.

Gannon chuckled against Cam’s ear right before he nibbled at his lobe.

“Keep that up and dinner’s gonna be on hold indefinitely,” Cam warned his husband.

“Is that right?” Gannon’s arms slid around him, his fingers dipping beneath Cam’s shirt as they worked their way over his stomach, pausing on the fly of his shorts. “I think I can handle that.”

“Can you?” Cam leaned his head forward, allowing Gannon better access to his neck.

“Oh, I definitely can.”

“What about dinner?”

Gannon chuckled. “I’d much prefer having you for dinner.”

Cam’s dick throbbed behind his zipper. It didn’t take much for Gannon to get him worked up. In fact, it was becoming a fairly frequent thing, especially on nights Cam was supposed to cook. 

The thought made him smile. 

Gannon pressed his hips forward, grinding his impressive erection against Cam’s ass. A moan tore from Cam’s throat at the thought of having Gannon buried to the hilt inside him. Right here in the kitchen. Mmm. He definitely liked that idea.

“I can read your mind, you know,” Gannon whispered, his fingers now deftly working the button on Cam’s shorts open.

“Yeah?” His voice was raspy, his breaths growing more labored as Gannon lowered the zipper on his shorts.

Gannon’s hand smoothly slipped into Cam’s shorts, his hand firmly fisting around his hardening shaft. “You’re thinking about how good it’d be if I were inside you right now.” Gannon stroked Cam’s length, making him groan. “Am I right?”

“Oh yeah,” Cam confirmed. No sense in lying about it. There wasn’t a minute that went by that he didn’t want this man. Everything Gannon did turned him on. From those starchy suits he wore, to those hot-as-fuck glasses…the way he walked, the way he talked, the way he breathed…Yep, Cam couldn’t deny that he was turned on by Gannon Burgess in a way he’d never been before. And still, even after they’d been together for more than a year and a half, having been married for almost four months, his desire continued to grow.
Cam felt cool air brush his legs as his shorts fell to the floor, pooling at his feet. He couldn’t resist thrusting his hips forward, driving his dick into Gannon’s silky-smooth palm. Those damn manicures made for some amazing hand jobs.

“Lose the shirt,” Gannon ordered.

Cam hurriedly lifted his shirt up and over his head, dropping it to the floor.

Gannon’s mouth was once again beside Cam’s ear as he whispered, “Now turn around so I can put that beautiful dick in my mouth.”

Holy fuck. His dick was onboard with that idea, and it didn’t take long for his body to catch up. Turning around, he gripped the edge of the counter, trying to keep his balance as his head spun from the desire that made him light-headed.

Gannon wasted no time, dropping to his knees before Cam. Without breaking contact, the devilishly handsome man leaned forward and…

“Oh, yeah,” Cam groaned as the furnace of Gannon’s mouth slipped over the head of Cam’s dick.

For what felt like an eternity, Gannon sucked and licked Cam’s cock, working him into a frenzy. His knuckles were white as he continued to grip the countertop with all his strength, trying not to come too soon. It felt too damn good.

Gannon’s mouth slipped off his dick, allowing Cam to draw in a deep breath.

“Come in my mouth, baby,” Gannon ordered. “Then after dinner, I’ll treat you to dessert.”

Oh, shit. This man…

When Gannon’s mouth encircled his cock one more time, Cam couldn’t resist reaching forward and sliding one hand into Gannon’s thick, silky hair, holding him tightly as he began pumping his hips.

“God, I love your mouth,” he mumbled. “So fucking much.” He grinned. “And I fucking love when you blow me with your glasses on.” In fact, Cam found those glasses sexier than any damn thing.

Gannon moaned, the vibrations ricocheting straight to Cam’s balls. He began thrusting his hips faster, using Gannon’s mouth until he was damn near blinded with sensations that overtook his entire body. An electrical charge started somewhere low, intensifying as it spread outward until he was vibrating with the need to…

“Fuck…coming…” He couldn’t hold back. 

With a firm grip around Cam’s dick, Gannon sucked him dry, laving him until Cam had to pull away, his dick too sensitive for more. 
Gannon chuckled as he got to his feet, leaning in and kissing Cam firmly on the mouth.

“Lemon pepper chicken, huh?” Cam asked, trying to remember why he’d come to the kitchen in the first place.

“Yep.” Gannon grinned as he took a step back. “And don’t think I’m not onto your game, honey.”

Cam frowned, trying to contain his smile. “Game? What game?”

​Gannon laughed. “The one where you stand in front of the refrigerator and ponder how long it’ll take before I come in here and suck you off.”

Okay, so maybe Gannon was on to him. “I think you like my game,” Cam teased.

“Oh, I like it all right. But remember, dessert comes after dinner, which means I’ve got plenty of time to come up with all the naughty things
I plan to do to you later.”

​Well, of course. Dessert had always been Cam’s favorite part of the meal. Always.

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