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Travis Walker propped his head on his hand and stared down at the beautiful woman still sleeping beside him, the soft morning light peeking in through the window allowing him to see. It was one of those rare moments, the kind where he could simply remain still, his brain not erupting in chaos, allowing him to enjoy the peacefulness.

These past few months, or maybe the past few years, had done a number on him mentally. He was dealing with so much, and it seemed every time he turned around, there was one more thing to add to his to-do list. A wife, a husband, five kids, a highly lucrative business … they all wanted a piece of him, but it seemed there was rarely enough to go around. He wasn’t complaining, because he had a great life. Rather, he was just more aware of these rare moments.

Travis watched for long minutes, waiting until Kylie stirred, her internal clock signaling it was time to start the day. Because Gage had gotten up with Maddox a short time ago, Travis was going to take advantage of these few minutes he had alone with his wife.

“Mornin’,” he whispered when she rolled onto her back, her arm sliding up over her eyes as though she wasn’t ready for the day to intrude.

“Already?” she mumbled around a smile.

Travis tugged the sheet gently, allowing the soft Egyptian cotton to glide down and reveal one dusky pink nipple.

“What are you doin’?” she whispered, her arm sliding away, eyes opening, adjusting to the light.

He smiled, loving the way her nipple puckered as though beckoning him. “Startin’ the day right.”

“Kinda like you ended the day right with Gage in the shower last night?”

​Travis leaned down, licked her nipple as he recalled those sinful few minutes he’d had alone with Gage. “Exactly like that.”

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