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Sneak Peek at Filthy Hot Billionaire


A sexy standalone ménage with not just one but two dirty talking billionaires. Yes, please.

Coming April 19, 2022

Warning: This excerpt is NSFW


Kieran joined me, taking the seat Hannah had vacated. “Did you find a good hiding spot?”

“I’m not hiding.” I honestly wasn’t. “I’m just more comfortable watching from afar.”

“But you’re not having a good time?” he repeated, a hint of concern in his tone this time.

“No, I am,” I lied because that was what you were supposed to tell your host.

“Then why were you planning to leave?”

“It’s been…” I exhaled heavily, my shoulders relaxing even more. “It’s been one of those days.”

Kieran inched closer to me, his arm snaking over the back of the booth as though we were a couple out on a date, not two people who’d just met tonight. I could feel the heat of his body along my side. I probably should’ve scooted away, ensured I didn’t give him any signals that I wanted what he was offering, but I found I didn’t want to. And strangely enough, I found myself considering anything he might offer. 

I blamed that on Knox. If he hadn’t appeared out of thin air a few minutes ago, I wouldn’t be fuming on the inside, wishing with all I was that I could hurt him the same way he’d hurt me. 

Kieran leaned in so that his mouth was close to my ear. “What’s on your mind, birthday girl?”

If I was supposed to answer, I was screwed. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember how to speak, my brain processing that sexy lilt that accompanied his words and the warmth of his breath as it fanned my skin.

I turned to face him so that our cheeks were nearly touching. Something about him made me want to be bad, to do things I normally wouldn’t. Unfortunately, seduction wasn’t exactly my forte, so once I was facing him, once I’d brought our mouths dangerously close together, I lost my nerve. 

Kieran’s thumb brushed along my jaw, and I shuddered from the warmth of his touch. 

“You’re so sweet,” he muttered, his breath fanning my cheek. “I like the sweet girls most.”

“Why?” I asked, not sure if I wanted to know.

“Because they’re fun to get dirty.”

“How do you know I’m not dirty already?”

Kieran pulled back a fraction, enough that he could meet my gaze. He had a devilish smirk on his mouth as he used his thumb to turn my chin. 

He jerked his chin in the direction he was turning my head. “See those two over there?”

I searched the dimly lit space across the way. It took a moment, but then I found them. On the other side of the area above the dance floor were a man and a woman sitting in a booth similar to the one we were in, except their table was one of the tall ones. 

“She’s dirty,” Kieran whispered. “The way she’s letting him finger her pussy when she thinks no one can see them.”

I inhaled sharply at his vulgar description, my gaze dropping in an attempt to see beneath the table, although I didn’t want to. The heat that coursed through me felt tangible, as though someone had turned on the furnace in my blood.

“How do you know that’s what he’s doing?” I asked when I couldn’t see anything.

“The way her mouth opens into that perfect O shape while she’s rocking her hips forward and back,” he crooned. “She’s riding his hand, bringing herself to orgasm.”

I whimpered this time, his words igniting sparks along my nerve endings. 

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