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Naughty Holidays 2021

signed/personalized trade paperback


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signed/personalized trade paperback

Spend some time with a few of Nicole’s most beloved characters and see how they are heating up the holidays this year!

THANKSGIVING AND WINE: Kingston Rush and Ellie Kaufman from Rush – Kingston and Ellie are enjoying Thanksgiving with family and friends. Learn why wine is not on the menu and why Ellie needs it more than ever.

HOLIDAY ROAD TRIP: Grant Kingsley, Lane Miller, and Grace Lambert from Betting on Grace – Grant and Lane surprise Grace with a holiday road trip. See how they kick off their long weekend.

NAUGHTY CRUISE: Landon Moore, Langston Moore, and Luci Weaver from Office Intrigue – See how quickly things heat up when Master and Sir take their submissive Luci on a naughty cruise.

CABIN BY CANDLELIGHT: Logan McCoy, Elijah Penn, and Samantha Kielty from Entrusted – After eight years of marriage, and seven years into their polyamorous relationship, Logan, Samantha, and Elijah are about to take things to the next level.

MAKING THE MOST OF IT: Hunter Kogan, Kye Sterling, and Danielle Davidson from Tomorrow’s Too Late – Hunter agreed to a protection detail three days before Christmas. See how Dani and Kye make the most of it when Hunter gets snowed in.

THE PERFECT GIFT: Wolfe Caine, Rhys Trevino, and Amy Smith from Hard to Hold – Wolfe and Rhys have been working on a gift for Amy for months. With only days left to finish it, they’re getting creative about how to keep it a secret.

NO LONGER CHRISTMAS BUT STILL A MIRACLE: Phoenix Pierce, Tarik Marx, and Mia Cantrell from A Million Tiny Pieces – Sometimes making a decision and jumping in with both feet is the only thing to do. Phoenix learns that firsthand after a special request from his wife and husband.

KICKING OFF THE NEW YEAR RIGHT: Trey Walker and Magnus Storm from Brantley Walker: Off the Books – Although he’s insistent they keep their relationship on the DL, Trey decides to make the first move. That decision might just change things between him and Magnus forever.

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