Ethan & Beau Honeymoon


Honeymoon Day 3

“You want me to get in the water?” Ethan asked Beau as they lounged on the sunny Hawaiian beach just outside of the small bungalow they’d been staying in for the last two days. Up to this point, the honeymoon had been phenomenal. And now, for some strange reason, Beau wanted Ethan to get in the water. 

“What? You thought we’d spend all day in the sand?”

“Why the hell not? Sounds like a brilliant plan to me,” Ethan grumbled. He didn’t actually have an issue with getting in the water, but getting Beau riled up was turning out to be quite entertaining. 

​“Come on,” Beau growled, launching up from his spot in the sand beside Ethan. 

Before Ethan could argue further, Beau grabbed his hand and practically dragged him from where he sat. In an effort to keep from face-planting, Ethan got his feet beneath him and gave in.

A little.

​Following Beau toward the water, he pretended to be compliant. It wasn’t until Beau released his hand when they reached the water’s edge that he decided it was time to take this to the next level. “Tell me how that water feels, would ya?” Ethan asked before turning and racing down the beach.

Of course, he couldn’t have expected to get too far, considering. The next thing he knew, Beau was hot on his heels and then Ethan was tackled to the ground as he made his way into the surf. 

“See, I knew I’d get you on your back sooner or later,” Ethan laughed when they rolled deeper into the water, Beau now the one on his back. 

“Is that where you wanted me?” Beau asked mockingly.


Crushing his lips to Beau’s, Ethan took what he’d been aching for all morning. Although they’d spent the better part of the first two days of their honeymoon in bed, Ethan found that today – day three – his craving for Beau had intensified. That was saying something since he wasn’t sure he’d ever get enough of the man in the first place. Maybe it was the fact that they were in Hawaii, or maybe because they were finally alone without any possible interruptions. Either way, Ethan wanted more of this man.

Ethan licked at Beau’s mouth, thrusting his tongue deep as he took exactly what Beau offered. Warm, strong arms wrapped around him, holding him close, and Ethan let himself get lost in his husband’s arms. God, he loved this man. Loved him with a hunger that burned brighter and hotter with each passing second. 

Long minutes later, Ethan broke the kiss, staring down at Beau. “As much as I’d love to bury myself deep inside you right here, I’m thinking we need privacy.”


“Yeah,” Ethan said, grinning back at Beau. “Not to mention, the sand is getting into crevices I’d much prefer it didn’t.”

Beau’s gravelly laugh made Ethan’s cock jump to attention. It was a trained response. This man stirred him up from the inside out.

Half an hour later…

“Sand’s all gone,” Ethan called out to Beau when he joined him in the living room. 

For reasons unknown, Beau had insisted they take separate showers, something about not being able to focus long enough otherwise. Now that they’d both washed the sand off, his cock was at full attention, anticipating what Beau had in store for him.

To his surprise, he found Beau lounging on the couch.

“Fucking hell,” Ethan groaned. There, laying on the couch, was six-foot-six-inches of gorgeous male. The icing on the cake was the fact that Beau was stroking his cock slowly as he watched Ethan move closer. Even better, there was a bottle of lube sitting on the small end table. 

“Why aren’t you naked?” Ethan asked, eyeing the sexy man who took up at least two-thirds of the couch.

“Why aren’t you?” Beau retorted, a little breathless.

Good question. Without wasting a breath, Ethan forced his shorts down his hips and let them fall to the floor. “Done.”

“Come here,” Beau demanded, his gruff, raspy tenor sending bolts of lust coursing through Ethan’s veins.

Moving slowly, he walked close to where Beau was sprawled out. Rather than fall on top of Beau, he opted to remain on his feet, curiously waiting for Beau’s next command.

As Beau continued to stroke his cock slowly, Ethan found himself riveted to the scene. So much so that it took him a second to notice that Beau was jacking Ethan’s cock just as firmly as his own. 

“Fuck,” Ethan growled. Not sure which was hotter, Ethan divided his attention between each of Beau’s big hands where they stroked slow and easy.

“I like when you watch,” Beau said and Ethan slid his eyes over to meet Beau’s. 

“I like to watch.”

While Ethan did just that, Beau forced his shorts over his hips and managed to kick them off without ever removing his hand from his dick, still stroking the iron hard length. 

“Kneel between my legs,” Beau instructed as he spread his legs apart, one foot resting on the ground, his knee bent over the side, the other propped up on the back of the couch. Reaching above his head, Beau retrieved the bottle of lube and pumped more into his hand.

Yeah, Ethan could totally get on board with this. 

There wasn’t an ounce of hesitation in his movements as he kneeled on the couch between Beau’s legs, facing him. He’d taken over the stroking of his own cock when Beau released him, and as he watched Beau, he tried to keep his pace slow and leisurely. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.

“Nice,” Beau whispered as he stared back at Ethan, their eyes meeting briefly before they returned their gazes to the action going on between them. “Now rub your cock against mine.”

Fuck. Ethan wasn’t sure that was a good idea. As much as he loved the way their cocks rubbed against one another, the friction making his body hum, he wasn’t sure he could hold on much longer. But, he didn’t argue. Instead, he moved closer, leaning over Beau and holding himself up with one hand while he aligned their dicks.

Beau’s hand took over stroking them, slicking them both with the lubrication as Ethan’s dick brushed against Beau’s.

“Kiss me,” Beau growled and Ethan returned his gaze to Beau’s before slamming his mouth down on his. The conflagration was burning out of control, causing the heat to spike to unprecedented levels, and Ethan was tired of fucking waiting. He was hard as steel and hungrier than he’d ever been.

Still trying to balance his upper body on one arm, he reached around and cupped the back of Beau’s head, pulling him closer, delving deep in his mouth, tongue to tongue. As the heat intensified, so did Ethan’s need.

“Fuck yes,” Beau moaned, his hips pushing up as their cocks slid together again and again. 

When Ethan began to thrust into Beau’s hand, he knew they were about to reach the peak, and he wasn’t quite ready to go over just yet.

That’s when he found himself flat on his back. 

On the fucking floor.

How Beau managed not to crush him completely, Ethan had no idea. Nor was he worried about it. Pulling Beau’s mouth back to his, Ethan slid his tongue in his mouth again, searching, seeking, begging. He needed more, and he needed it right fucking now.

As though Beau knew just what Ethan needed, he shifted and the next thing Ethan knew, Beau was guiding Ethan’s cock into his ass. 

“Fucking hell,” Ethan ground out. The heat of Beau’s ass as his cock slid deep inside was torture. Plain and fucking simple. “Fuck yes.”

Beau was straddling him, riding his cock while Ethan continued to watch Beau stroke his own dick.

“Don’t fucking move,” Ethan insisted, and Beau stopped moving, Ethan’s dick buried to the hilt. “Gotta catch my breath.” And keep from coming too soon, Ethan thought to himself. 

When Beau began to shift up, Ethan gripped Beau’s thick thighs and then ran his hands up to Beau’s hips. Holding him still, he sucked in air and regained his equilibrium. 


“Fuck me,” Beau pleaded and Ethan lost the last thread of his control. 

With Beau hovering above him, Ethan began thrusting his hips upward, slamming into Beau. Within seconds, they fell into a perfect rhythm, Ethan fucking Beau, their eyes locked together as they watched.

It wasn’t a race to the finish, which meant they both attempted to hold out as long as possible, and it still wasn’t long enough for Ethan’s peace of mind, but he couldn’t hold back. His release took him by surprise, and he slammed into Beau one last time, growling as he came. 

“Fuck,” Beau said by way of answer, his hand stilling on his own cock as he came on Ethan’s chest. 

When Beau collapsed on top of him, Ethan held him tight, arms wrapped around him, fingers gripping his soft, blonde hair. 

“Looks like we need another shower,” Ethan said when he could get the words out. 

Beau pressed his face into Ethan’s neck, and another sensation coursed through Ethan. This time it was an emotion that gripped his chest, causing it to expand. From what he’d learned in recent months, it was what was known as love. And as far as Beau was concerned, Ethan had it in spades. 

“I love you,” Beau mumbled, his breath fanning against Ethan’s neck.

“I love you too, baby,” Ethan said, speaking the words from somewhere deep in his soul. “I love you with everything that I am.” 

And if it were even possible, Ethan knew that love was growing exponentially with every passing minute. 

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