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Ethan stood in his kitchen, putting the finishing touches on dinner. Date night. That’s what this was. He’d had to go the extra mile to convince Beau that date night was much better spent at home. Although they’d been married for close to six months, Ethan still wasn’t all that interested in going out in public. It took time to break old habits and Ethan admittedly was still uncomfortable going out. Things had cooled significantly since their last incident at Moonshiners, but Ethan wasn’t one to push things.

With Beau at the gym, Ethan had opted to head home from work early so he could get dinner started. Tonight’s menu consisted of grilled chicken, baked asparagus and baked potatoes. Oh, and a grilled shrimp appetizer, one Ethan had learned was Beau’s favorite. As he flipped the chicken on the grill, he tossed out the plates and flipped on the backyard lights. The pool was lit up and looked incredibly inviting, especially considering the temps were still hovering in the nineties at seven o’clock. Not surprising for July in Texas.

​The timer on the oven went off, and Ethan headed to the kitchen at the same time the front door opened. A grin tilted his lips – an automatic response anytime Beau walked through the door. There were still days Ethan couldn’t believe they’d made it this far or that life could be that good. But, Beau continued to ensure him that this was the way it was supposed to be.

“Hey,” Beau greeted, moving through the kitchen and coming to stand directly behind him.

When Beau’s big, warm hands gripped his shoulders, Ethan turned slightly toward him, still smiling. “Hungry?”

“Yeah,” Beau said, leaning in and kissing Ethan on the edge of his lips. “For something more than food though.”

Well, at least they were on the same page. But first things first. Dinner was finished, and Ethan was starving, so they’d just have to rein in those other hungers for the time being.
Beau moved over to the refrigerator and grabbed two beers before coming to stand on the opposite side of the kitchen island. “Smells good.”

“Well, it’s ready when you are. We’re eating outside tonight.”

Beau groaned, but smiled as he did. The man enjoyed giving him shit all the time, but Ethan knew that Beau was more than content sitting out on the back porch, even if the heat was downright oppressive. There was a pool to look forward to.

 Ethan didn’t go out of his way with candles and wine because that’s not who they were. Beer was more their style, and since dinner didn’t usually last long anyway, he figured the ambiance would go unnoticed. He was right. Half an hour later, they were on their third beer each, dinner was finished and the dishes had made it back inside. Now they were sitting in lounge chairs on the porch deck.

“You up for swimming?” Ethan asked Beau. 

“If I can convince my body to get up off this chair, then yeah.”

“I’ve got some incentive for you,” Ethan told him, grinning to himself. 

Forcing himself up and out of his own chair, Ethan set his beer on the ground and made a beeline for the pool. A minute later he was standing near the side, forearms resting on the deck as he stared back at Beau. “Come here.” He made sure to keep his tone firm.

Beau peered over at him through one opened eye, a sexy grin tipping the corners of his mouth. The man obviously knew what Ethan was hinting at. 

It would seem that Beau wasn’t nearly as tired as he pretended to be, Ethan thought to himself as Beau approached slowly. He didn’t join him in the pool, but rather sat on the side, dangling his huge legs into the water. Ethan took a moment to admire him. The guy was fucking hot. Without a shirt, Ethan had plenty of time to rake his eyes over taut, tan skin, and miles of muscle. His hands itched to get a hold of this man.

Backing away from the wall where he was standing, Ethan moved over a few inches and found himself standing between Beau’s splayed legs. Placing his hands on his thick thighs, he moved in closer. “I think you should lose these,” he suggested, grabbing hold of Beau’s shorts and tugging.

“That’s a brilliant plan,” Beau agreed, pinning Ethan with his mesmerizing brown eyes. Ethan loved when Beau looked at him like that. Like Ethan was the only man in the entire world and Beau wanted him and only him. It was a heady feeling.

When Beau hefted his ass up, Ethan tugged his shorts down and off, tossing them behind Beau onto the concrete. Returning to his spot between Beau’s legs, he smiled up at him, wrapping his hand around Beau’s thick cock. “See, this is what a date night should be like,” Ethan said with a smirk.

“I have to admit, if this is your idea of date night, I’m all for doing things your way,” Beau agreed. 

Ethan sucked Beau into his mouth, eliciting another groan from Beau’s chest.

“And if you continue doing that,” Beau said breathlessly, his hand sliding into Ethan’s hair. “Then I’m thinking date night will be done like this more often.”

Ethan continued to torture Beau with tongue, lips, and teeth, using his hand to stroke him firmly as he continued to suck him deep into his mouth. His one goal was to drive his husband out of his mind, and if Beau’s groans and the tight grip he maintained on Ethan’s hair were anything to go by, he was doing a damn fine job.

“Fuck,” Beau growled. “Not yet.” 

The next thing Ethan knew, Beau was in the pool with him, and Ethan was now backed against the pool wall.

“Love you,” Beau said with a wicked grin as he moved in close, his hand coming around to cup the back of Ethan’s neck.

“Love you, too,” Ethan replied with ease. And he did. He loved this man with all he was. And as each day passed, he couldn’t imagine his life without him. Whether it was date night at home, hours spent at the shop while they worked, or anytime in between, Ethan knew that no matter what, his life was never complete until this man. “Love you so fucking much,” he growled and then slammed his mouth down on Beau’s. 

Yeah, he was pretty sure date night was his new favorite night of the week.  

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