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When Ethan mentioned getting in the swimming pool a couple of minutes ago, Beau’s nuts had gone into hibernation. Didn’t matter that the damn thing was heated. He didn’t buy for one minute that it would be warm enough. And when he stuck his giant foot in, he’d been right. Ethan had simply laughed and then pointed to the second floor.

At first, Beau had been thinking an entirely different activity that could get them both all hot and bothered, but again, Ethan had other ideas.

And this one, Beau could get totally onboard with. 

​Sitting in the hot tub on the deck off of the master bedroom, the powerful jets were easing the strain from Beau’s earlier workout. Between that and dinner, he was more relaxed than he ever remembered being. The only thing that would make it better would be for Ethan to join him. But he’d slipped into the house once he tricked Beau into getting into the water first. Although he wished Ethan were there, it gave Beau a moment to catch his breath. This was it.

“What do you think?” Ethan’s voice pulled Beau from his drowsy thoughts, and he opened his eyes to see Ethan standing with one foot inside the huge tub, his cock semi-erect and way too tempting. 

God, he loved looking at the man naked. “About you naked? Well, I think it’s a sin for you to look that fucking good without clothes on.”

Ethan smiled, that sinfully sexy smirk tipping the corners of his mouth and Beau didn’t regret a single word. The man was gorgeous. Impeccably sculpted and made perfectly to fit in Beau’s arms. Speaking of… “Come here,” Beau beckoned.

Ethan immersed himself in the water and edged over to where Beau was relaxing. 

“Turn around,” Beau added.
Ethan cocked an eyebrow, a devious smirk on his face. Oh yes, he was definitely thinking the same thing Beau was. However, that would come in a bit because right now, he just wanted to relax right where he was and holding Ethan against him was all he could think about.

Pulling Ethan to him, Beau wrapped his arms around his broad chest while Ethan leaned back against him. Resting his chin on Ethan’s shoulder, he inhaled the tantalizing scent of cologne and Ethan – a combination that Beau had memorized. 

After several minutes of silence, right before he dozed off completely, Ethan got his attention by clearing his throat. He didn’t say anything at first, but Beau knew he was going to. 

“Something on your mind?” he questioned Ethan, not necessarily caring whether they talked or sat there just like that for the next… oh, one hundred years would be a terrific start. Pruned skin be damned, holding Ethan just felt too damn good. 

Beau waited for Ethan to speak, his breath lodged in his chest, but it didn’t have anything to do with what Ethan might say. Beau suddenly realized he’d better jump on the opportunity, or he might just find himself not having a chance. When Ethan didn’t say anything, he sucked in a deep breath and shored up his nerves.

The serious expression on Ethan’s face nearly broke him. 

“I love you,” Ethan said, his deep voice had an edge, almost as though Ethan was working himself up for something.

Beau didn’t respond, and he didn’t look away.

“A lot. More than…” Ethan’s words trailed off, and he moved forward, his hands gripping Beau’s sides just above the water while their chests collided against one another. “Oh, fuck it.”

Ethan slammed his lips down on Beau’s and stole every ounce of his common sense with the hard, deep plunge of his tongue. Giving in was second nature and Beau wrapped his arms around Ethan, crushing his muscular body against him, holding him close. The kiss started out dominating, but quickly morphed into need – on both their parts. It was obvious they were seeking something from one another.

Beau didn’t care to talk, he took what Ethan offered, his hands gliding up Ethan’s powerfully built back, into his hair as he held him against him, a bolt of heat stabbing into him so hard, Beau was surprised he didn’t launch up out of the water. 

But that’s as far as things went. Ethan didn’t push for more and neither did Beau. Their hands remained above water, not exploring, not teasing. Just holding. When they both came up for air, Beau stared back at Ethan, trying desperately to read his expression, but for once, he couldn’t. 


Ethan wasn’t sure what was holding him back. He’d come out here with one goal in mind and yet he was having a hard time getting the question out. Maybe it was because Ethan had truly never believed happiness was in his future. The forecast had always been grim and gloomy. Casual sex, minimal intimacy… 

Until Beau. 

Beau was the bright spot that shone through all of the clouds and he didn’t want to lose that. No, he had to man up. To stand up for what he believed in. To go after it and stop being a pussy. Looking at Beau, Ethan sucked in a breath. He was going to do this. He was going to finally ask the question he’d been pondering for so long now. “I want more,” Ethan blurted, obviously still tongue-tied because that wasn’t really a question.

“More what?”


“This what?”

Surprisingly, Ethan laughed. The conversation was quite comical, he knew. “You and me. This.”

Beau cocked an eyebrow, obviously waiting for Ethan to continue. 

Sucking in a deep breath, Ethan swallowed, preparing to force the words out. Before he could say anything, Beau leaned forward, cupping Ethan’s head in his solid hands.

“Marry me, E.”

Ethan snapped back as though he’d been slapped as Beau’s words drifted above the bubbling water. His heart heard them first, growing, expanding… “No!” Ethan exclaimed. “Bullshit.”

Beau’s eyes widened, and Ethan knew instantly how he sounded. Realizing he’d actually moved away, Ethan lunged at Beau again, practically tackling him. “No. That’s not fair.”

“What’s not fair?” Beau whispered, his eyes reflecting what appeared to be disappointment.

“I get to ask, not you,” Ethan said on a choked gasp. “Take it back.”

Beau smiled so brightly, Ethan’s heart actually felt infused with it. “Too late.” Beau paused. “I’m not taking it back.” Beau’s tone was interestingly passionate, his eyes gleaming. “Marry me,” Beau said the words again and Ethan thought his heart was going to stop beating in his chest. He could hardly breathe. “I love you, E.”

Ethan had truly wanted to be the one to propose, but he had to admit, hearing Beau do it was intensely satisfying. He had zero doubts about how Beau felt, but Ethan still needed reassurance, and this was about as good as it got.  Pretending to consider his answer, he stared back at Beau momentarily. Then leaning forward, he smiled and said, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Beau. So my answer is yes. Definitely yes.”

Beau didn’t say a word and the disoriented look on his face had Ethan’s heart stuttering in his chest. Ethan was getting ready to repeat what he’d said, just to make sure Beau had heard him, but Beau pulled him flush against his body, crushing their mouths together. 

Ethan felt himself being pushed, and when he pulled back from Beau he realized Beau was forcing him closer to the side of the hot tub where the step was.

“What’re you doing?” he asked Beau with a knowing grin.

“Time to get out.”

“Out?” Ethan easily slipped over the side and down to the deck, but he kept his eyes on Beau.

“Yeah,” Beau said, his voice deep, gruff. Sexy.

Ethan grabbed the towels he’d placed on the edge and tossed one to Beau before drying himself off in a hurry. Beau was right behind him every step of the way. And then they were moving across his bedroom, Beau stalking him with that sexy gleam in his chocolate brown eyes.

“What are you doing?” Ethan asked Beau unnecessarily, but enjoying the desire in Beau’s eyes. 

“I’m about to find out how it feels to be inside my fiancé.”

Well, hell, Ethan was looking forward to finding out too.

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