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Nicole & Colt’s 3rd Annual Countdown to Christmas

I know what y’all are thinking..

“Already?? November JUST started! You may be getting a little ahead of yourselves…”

Well, yes. You are correct; it is a little early. But this time around is going to require a tiny bit more preparation.

If you haven’t heard, we’re mixing things up a bit this year. As usual, we use our Countdown to Christmas to take the chance to give back to all of you amazing readers that support us constantly and are the reason I do what I do. For 31 days (starting November 24th, in case you’d like to mark your calendars) and going until Christmas day, we will be running fun giveaways each day.
Yes, I know what else you’re thinking…

“That’s a LOT of giveaways!”

Right, again! But y’all deserve it. Just think of us as the adult’s version of Santa Claus!

So, yes. 31 days of fun and games. BUT this time we won’t be running the giveaways solely on Facebook like we have the past couple of years. Each day we will add a blog post here that states what prize is available to be won that day as well as which of my social media pages the contest will be run on.

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There will also be contests run during this time that will be exclusively for my weekly Hot Sheet subscribers if you’d like to subscribe for that as well.

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Check out all of the prizes given away last year!
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