Kaden, Keegan, Bristol: Dress Up Your Pet Day

What is that?” Bristol asked the moment she stepped into the living room to find Kaden and Keegan, the men she loved dearly despite the quirks she was slowly uncovering, attempting to put—

“It’s a Cowboys jersey?” she answered herself, and yes, that was her voice that was a bit too shrill for a Friday.

In her defense, she’d been up and down with Payton and Paisley for much of the night. Their seven-month-old twin girls had developed a slight cold when the last cold front blew in. Bristol blamed it on the allergens—namely cedar—that seemed to be at increasingly high levels this year, a fact she never would’ve been aware of before she brought two precious little angels into this world.

“Why exactly are we dressing up the dog?” she asked slowly, giving Sherlock, their one-year-old golden retriever an apologetic smile.

“It’s Dress Up Your Pet Day,” Keegan said, as though that made absolutely any sense at all.

“Oh, boy,” she muttered under her breath.

Looked as though Keegan had taken to keeping track of something of his own.

Our dog - Moscato - I thought the pic was fitting for the story

Probably made some sense considering Kaden had taken a keen interest in astrology shortly after he learned about Bristol’s pregnancy. Evidently, now that Bristol was monitoring the allergy reports, Keegan had taken it upon himself to start tracking the daily celebrations.

“I guess it’s better than Toss Out the Fruitcake Day.” That had been an interesting one. Mostly because Kaden and Keegan had gone on the hunt for as many fruitcakes as they could find. When they’d wrangled up a couple of dozen, they took them, as well as a handful of their cousins, not to mention a couple of their favorite shotguns out to one of the empty pastures and unloaded on the fruit-packed bread. 

“There,” Keegan said, getting to his feet and staring down at Sherlock.

Kaden stepped over, put his arm around her shoulder as they surveyed their adorable pup. 

Bristol smiled at the dog again. “At least it’s only once a year.”

Sherlock’s tongue lolled out of his mouth as though that was the best news he’d heard in a while. 

Kaden pressed a kiss to her temple. “Coffee?”

“I wouldn’t turn it down,” she said, feeling the weariness of her body and mind. Keeping up with one baby was a difficult job. Taking care of two was as close to impossible as Bristol ever wanted to get. 

Once in the kitchen, Keegan was right there with them, coming to stand behind her. His big hands rested on her shoulder for a moment, then began to knead the tense muscles. She let out a moan of pleasure that likely rivaled any sound she’d ever made during sex. It was enough to have Kaden turning his head in her direction, his eyes glittering. 

“It feels good,” she said in her defense. “I can’t help it.”

“I know another way to make you feel good,” Keegan whispered in her ear.

“I’m sure you do.” Although a nap sounded like heaven, Bristol absolutely wouldn’t say no to an orgasm or two first. 

They’d had to take a brief hiatus for the past few days to accommodate the beast that visited every twenty-eight days like clockwork.

“Are you giving us the go ahead?” Kaden asked, his blue-gray eyes hopeful.

“Absolutely,” she said on another moan as Keegan kneaded a particular tight knot in her neck.

Kaden’s sinful growl made her nipples pebble tightly. He patted the kitchen island, smiled.

The next thing she knew, Keegan had hefted her up onto the countertop, assisting her to recline down onto her back. She did, her feet dangling over the edge and Kaden standing between her legs. 

Neither of them wasted a second, quickly stripping her down. Despite the fact the heater was on, there was a chill in the air. She knew it would dissipate quickly with the heat that churned between her and her husbands, but it still made her shiver.

“You better warm her up,” Keegan warned, his hands now kneading her breasts.

“Yes,” she agreed, looking down her body at Kaden. “Warm me up.”

“You might wanna say please,” he teased.

“Pretty please,” she whimpered when his finger dipped between the lips of her sex. She definitely wasn’t opposed to begging. Not when it was a surefire way of getting them to continue.

Another growl sounded and then Kaden was pushing one finger inside her. He teased her with light, too-gentle thrusts, waiting for her to beg again.

She did.

And that earned her another finger.

“Oh, yes,” she said softly, closing her eyes and letting the sensation of their hands drain the tension from her body. “That feels so good.”

They proceeded to loosen her up by massaging her from head to toe. In the process, they took turns teasing her clit with deft fingers and determined tongues until she was hanging by a fragile thread. 

A soft whimper sounded, but it hadn’t come from her. 

Everything stopped as all eyes shot to the baby monitor sitting on the counter, the one with the red lights that lit up when the sound grew louder.

When it didn’t happen again, they resumed tormenting her with brutal pleasure. Gone was the leisurely stroking because they all knew they might have to stop to take care of the babies soon.

“You wanna come?” Kaden taunted.

“Yes,” she said on a rush of air, grinding her hips as he thrust two fingers deep inside her. “God, yes.”

He didn’t stop and, bless him, he still didn’t stop, and Bristol knew the orgasm was going to obliterate whatever strength she had left. She welcomed it, needing the release. 

Keegan’s hands were on her tits as he plucked her nipples lightly. With every tease, she waited for that little bite of pain that was going to accompany the next one. It didn’t come and it still didn’t, but she was right there on the edge. Kaden was fingering her intently, driving her closer and closer to the precipice. When Keegan finally did pinch her nipples firmly, she cried out, her back arching as the orgasm ripped through her.

“You ready for that coffee now?” Kaden asked sweetly when he pulled her up to a sitting position and brushed his mouth to hers. 

Keegan was watching her, waiting for her response so he could pick up where Kaden had left off in making it.

“I’d prefer something else,” she told him, grazing her hand over Kaden’s denim-covered erection, her gaze sliding to Keegan to ensure she knew she was including him in that statement. 

Kaden chuckled softly as he pressed his hips forward, grinding his erection against her knuckles. “We’ve got chores first, but I promise we’ll be seeking our reward later.”

Bristol chuckled, kissed him softly. “I’m gonna hold you to that.”

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  1. yep, still does it for me, since my first read. Added bonus was actually seeing Sherlock in his best was awesome. ♥️☕️

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