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Okay, I’m probably not really cursed. Likely, it’s just a coincidence or perhaps a never-ending run of bad luck that has led to so many things that I enjoy disappearing as quickly as they seem to come into my life. 

I’m not talking one or two things. It seems (at least to me) that whenever I find something I enjoy, whether it be a television show, restaurant, or an increasingly large number of products. 

I don’t want to say that my husband is responsible, but I do think it all started about the time we got married. I mean, it has been twenty years, so I’m sure it’s not just because that’s as far as my memory seems to go anymore. 

Let me give you some examples…

I’m pretty sure it all started with Don Pablo’s, a fabulous Tex-Mex restaurant. It was where my now-husband took me on our second date back in 2001. I’d only been in Austin for about a year and hadn’t heard of it yet, so it was a new experience for me.

I fell in love with the ambience and the food (not to mention the company) immediately. I think we went there three more times before the location in Austin closed down.

Since then there’ve been so many more things, but I’ll give you the gist with just a few. These aren’t in any specific order.

One thing that stands out is Hart of Dixie. I absolutely adored this show! Rachel Bilson as Zoe Hart drew me right in. She is quirky and charismatic, and just so damn adorable. I loved the small town setting, the dynamic of the characters. It is still one of my go-tos, even though I’ve seen it beginning to end at least 5 times now. 

One item that broke my heart when it was discontinued was a specific Nike flip-flop. (the picture is not the one I’m talking about, it’s the one that has replaced it). I’ve tried numerous ones since, but haven’t found any that fit the same.

For the record, I still have that one favorite pair though they are well-worn. I rarely wear them for fear that I’ll ruin them and then I won’t have them anymore. That would well and truly suck.

My most recent favorite that has performed a disappearing act is the Schick Intuition f.a.b. razor. I’ve been using it for a while now (since I first heard about it) and now it’s ghosting me like the rest.


And just for good measure, this is my plea to Dr. Pepper…

To the head honchos who make the decisions:

Please, please, please do NOT discontinue the diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. I don’t care what you call it (Zero Sugar is just fine), but please don’t stop making it.


Nicole Edwards

A little history behind my begging:

Right now, I can’t find Dr. Pepper Cherry Zero Sugar anywhere. On the off chance there is a 2-liter or 12-pack to be had, they are extremely limited. I blame it on the pandemic, and I’m keeping my hopes up that it will be back with a vengeance in the very near future, but just in case. 🙂 

The moral of the story is, if you like something, whether it be a restaurant, a TV show, a product – even a favorite Starbucks coffee flavor (because I’m sure that’ll be next) – you should NOT recommend it to me. Odds are, I will like it and it will go away and you will be shit out of luck. 

Now it’s your turn: Has there been something that you loved and it ended or was discontinued? Something that you still think about today? 

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14 Responses

  1. I can totally relate. I am a one product kind of girl and I get set in my ways and bam they go and change something or discontinue it. Like Taco Bell taking their mexican pizza off the menu.

  2. With me, it’s sheer red lipsticks. I fall for one, and it’s gone by the time I need a refill. Shiseido Soft Red, Shiseido Tender Rouge RD629, Clinique Almost Lipstick Ruby Melt (actually, I don’t get why they had to ditch the whole line except for Black Honey and Pink Honey), some Sephora Collection thing that only had a number, Revlon Who Wore It Red-er…Clinique Tenderheart technically still exists, but the reformulation wrecked the tone. Sigh!

  3. Ha ha ha. This was funny but sad too.

    Let me tell you about my husband, we once had the Disney Store here in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Hubby was a little agitated and made his comment of ‘wish the store shuts down’….. well hello – the girls called me in and notified me there was only 2 weeks left. 😭
    Whenever he is in an agitated state, stores shut down 😩, so now, I don’t say anything to him 🙄

  4. Coke Life
    it’s good to know that someone else has this happen to them too! My spouse and I laugh that whenever we find a good contractor or store we love they go out of business. We are the kiss of death!!! But thankfully we are not the only ones.

  5. Gillette used to make a vibrating razor. It was for men. I LOVED IT!!
    Also, I used to have a favorite underwear. It was made by the company LIFE.
    One of my favorite authors, Stephanie Tyler…. you guessed it. GONE!!!

  6. I’m with you about the Dr Pepper saga!!! I’ve never found the cherry zero sugar ever!! I loved Chi Chi’s restaurant. It’s where I told my family I was pregnant with my 1st son. A few months later, it was closed.

  7. L.J. Smith… Something happened with her series and she never finished it. And I fell in love with it. There was a series on Lifetime, I started it from the beginning. They killed it off when it was supposed to have 3 seasons. Killed it after 1. There are some others.

  8. Girl, I can not find Dr. Pepper Zero anywhere. Dr. Pepper delivery man told me they didn’t have enough people to keep up with the demand. As a diabetic, it is my go to instead of coffee and I am getting just a little testy. I usually buy the bottles but all I can find is cans. And it just doesn’t taste the same. Other than that, I’m good.

  9. I understand the flip flop issue. I have tendentious in my feet and finally found flip flops that works and are super comfy. They are called Oofos. They are a little pricey but wonderful.

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