Love me some… Elephants


I’m not sure what it is about elephants, but I’ve always had a fascination with them. When I would take my kids to the zoo when they were younger, I’d always make sure to see the elephants – never telling them that it was my idea. Here are just a few of my elephants from my office and my most recent tattoo.


The screen cleaner I can’t bear to use.

And just because… here’s a cute baby elephant video (yes, I watched a whole bunch of them just to find this. But I enjoyed them all!) Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Elephants, to me, represent intelligence, family, they are maternal, loving, their memories include past family and herd members, where they died, and they go back and reminisce by rubbing their bones (the way people visit headstones). They are protective, affectionate, and connect with others in the herd spiritually the way I feel humans do.
    There is psychology behind the "why" when asked what is your favorite animal and why. The "why" response to the question reflects how you like your life to be. And of me, that is so true.
    Besides all that, elephants are amazing!!!

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