Love Me Some… In This Moment

When my iTunes library is feeling a little stale, I start looking up bands that I know I like and following the “People who bought this also like…” links until I stumble across something new. Well, that’s exactly what happened when I came across the band, In This Moment. They’re an American metal band with a kick-ass lead singer that put me in the perfect mindset for Wait For Morning.

I’ve been listening to them for a few weeks now and have yet to get tired of them (if you need proof, just look at my Play Counts below)! I may have even passed the band off to my daughter…

Their album Black Widow is out now and believe me when I say I’ve had it on repeat for quite some time now… I love it! I am definitely a fan. If you like metal, a great female vocalist, and music that can get you pumped for anything, I absolutely recommend you check them out!!

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  1. Yes I've been listening to them now as well! Thanks! 🙂

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