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Yep, it’s the one thing most writer’s fear. The worst thing about it is that there is no fix. There is no way to reinflate that creative bubble once it has burst. At least not on command. Not that I’ve found, anyway. At some point, if we’re lucky, it comes back and we’re once again doing what we love to do. 

​If I’m being honest, I’ve been fighting it for oh, I don’t know, about six, maybe seven months now. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written words. Lots and lots of words. Really crappy words. Words that will not see the light of day in their current condition. 

For the past few months, I’ve been forcing myself through, trying to write only to come up with more crap than I know what to do with.

​And then two days ago, I decided I would stop forcing it. I would stop trying to make it happen and look at the external factors that might be impacting this block.

For me, there’s always one thing that impacts me significantly. Depression. It’s not something I like to dwell on. I have been diagnosed for depression and I see a doctor, talk to him openly about it, and get treatment for it. So am I depressed? Unfortunately, yes. I’ve been suffering beneath the dark cloud for quite a few months now and I’m hoping it’ll lift soon. For me, being aware of it is extremely important because I know it will get better, it just takes a little time.

Another thing I have to look at is what I’m reading. I have been on a J.D. Robb kick for months now. I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with the In Death series. Eve Dallas and Roarke are what I look forward to day in and day out. Problem is, my writing style does not emulate J.D. Robb’s (or Nora Roberts for that matter) and I don’t want it to. And for me, that causes issues. When I get so wrapped up in an author who (a) doesn’t write similar to my style and/or genre or (b) intimidates me on some level because I admire them so much or (c) distracts me from my own goal, I end up unable to focus on what I need to focus on. I’m not saying reading their work is a bad thing, it just is. So that means I am now moving in a different direction for my daily reading for a bit. But I promise, I will return to Eve and Roarke in the future.

One very important thing that affects my writing ability: DISTRACTIONS.

​Yep and that’s a picture of two very wonderful distractions in my life. For 6 weeks now, I’ve been 100% committed to puppy training, which means my brain is not allowed to wander beyond that cute little fuzzball for longer than a minute or two. If it does … well, he’s a puppy, so you can only imagine the craziness that ensues when he’s left to his own devices.

The good news about it all is that I’ve got an amazing husband who helps as much as he can. With his help, I’ve been focusing a little more these past few days on writing. I’ve even felt that eager anticipation that always shows up when I’ve hit on a good story. So for all of you wonderful people who’ve asked me if there will be more of this or that, the answer is probably yes.

As for when … unfortunately the only answer I have at the moment is —> 

​But I promise to do my very, very best and I thank you so much for your patience.

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