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Those two words don’t usually go together. Yet, it happened here. And like they say, everything’s bigger in Texas. This was no exception.

​So many lost power, most lost water, and even the cell service was spotty. 

Thankfully, we didn’t lose power here at the Edwards’ house, but most of my neighbors did. As well as family. 

My oldest son was without electricity on and off, and water briefly. I think my daughter endured the worst of it. She was without power and water for several days, even when much of the area was back up and running.  My in-laws also endured no power and no water for a day or so. 

Here at the house, we did lose water for a few days. That was awful. Luckily we had just stocked up on bottled water, so it wasn’t the drinking that was the issue. It was the showering and flushing that was a major problem for us. 

Fortunately, we could shovel snow and store it in tubs so we could melt it down and pour it in the toilet tanks.

<<– Steven in his “snow-collecting” clothes. 

I spent two hours one morning melting snow on the gas stove. And wouldn’t you know it, one big tub of snow converts to about 2 inches of water. 🙂 Took a while, but we got enough to take care of the whole house, just in case.  

Thankfully, the weather portion only lasted a few days. Now we’re recovering, attempting to get groceries since we hadn’t gone to the store before the storm. Unfortunately most of the stores near us don’t have anything because the delivery trucks didn’t make it for those few days. I figure it’ll get back to normal soon. 

Then again, that’s what I said when the pandemic hit.

And here’s one to leave you with. Heineken blending in. 

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