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I’ve been working on a special project for a while now – it’s a Standalone, MMF ménage. I still have quite a way to go, but I thought maybe you’d want to see a special sneak peek. 

(Note: this is an unedited sneak peek and may or may not end up in the final book)

“I do find her utterly captivating, Knox.”

“I figured you would,” he replied.

I had forgotten Knox was there, but then I felt the warmth of his hands as they brushed along my bare back and I shivered, my nipples hardening beneath the fine silk of my dress.

What were these men doing to me?

To my utter shock, Kieran stepped forward, cupping my face in his big, warm hand. His thumb brushed along my jaw and I was suddenly rendered immobile. The intensity of his gaze was like a weight upon me, making it difficult to breathe. At the same time, warmth began churning in my veins, making my blood pump faster, my heart beat harder.

This time I was more than aware of Knox at my back, the heat of his body, the warmth of his breath as it fanned over my neck.

The space between us disappeared as their bodies pressed up against mine, Kieran’s eyes never leaving my face. My breaths were choppy, air too scarce. I wasn’t sure if it was fear or desire that danced a path down my spine, but it made me shiver all the same. And it was intensified by the fact that Knox was so close I could hear him breathing, smell his delicious scent even over Kieran’s.

“She’s beautiful, Knox. Rather exquisite.”

​“I happen to agree,” Knox said, his hands returning to my shoulders.

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