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Want to contribute to the Naughty Holidays 2021 book?

posted this in Nicole Nation on Facebook this week. There’s still time to enter if you’d like – just go to the post in Nicole Nation on Facebook and comment with your story suggestion. It’s open thru Sunday, September 26, 2021

Holiday story suggestions needed!!!
I have never done this before, but I have been in a major writing funk for a while. I’ll write something and then decide I don’t like it or the storyline isn’t working the way I want it to. Then I stop and get frustrated and don’t know where to go next.
In an effort to kickstart my creative muses, I am going to write a Naughty Holidays book for 2021. This year, though, I have picked the characters (listed on the image in this post) and I am looking to Nicole Nation for ideas. I am already starting to write, but I need your suggestions to help me along.

  • You do not have to list story ideas for a specific set of characters, but you can if it’s important to the story
  • You can enter as many times as you’d like as long as your ideas are different.
  • These will be short stories, and it’s possible I will not be able to finish all 7, but I will continue to write as many as I can before my next scheduled editing date.
  • Because of my deadline, I will take comments thru Sunday, September 26th.​

Now here’s the best part:
This is a contest!
If I use your story idea or if your story idea spurs one of my own, I will:

  1. list your name in the acknowledgments.
  2. send you a signed copy of the Naughty Holidays 2021 book when it releases.

You will know if I have selected your suggestion because I will comment on your comment in this post to let you know.

Note: I will be going in order of submission, so if your idea has already been posted and I use it, the person who posted it first will get the signed copy and the acknowledgment.

This is a contest. By commenting with a story idea on this post, you are consenting for it to be used as I see fit in my Naughty Holidays 2021 book. You will not be compensated for your idea.

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