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Happy Friday! I’m sure someone out there is doing the happy dance because the week is almost over. Me? Well, I’m thinking about it!

As promised, here’s the teaser!

Feeling a tad surly after V’s pestering from earlier, Zoey turned to her friend and threw out the one question she knew would get V riled up. “So, when are you going to focus on your own Walker man and lay off my nonexistent sex life?”
My Walker man?” V almost sounded as though she had no idea what Zoey was talking about. Almost. “Who the hell are you talking about?”
Remembering the way V had all but jumped on Zane Walker the last time they’d all gotten together, Zoey arched an eyebrow in challenge. “Don’t deny it. I saw the way you were eye fucking Zane the last time we were here.”
“Zane? Zane Walker – Zane?” Vanessa laughed, and the sultry sound had half the bar turning to look at them.
“Do you know another one?”
The best defense is a good offense– the phrase suddenly rang through Zoey’s mind when she saw the look in Vanessa’s eyes. It was about to be a free for all.
“Wait.” V held up a hand, taking a sip of her drink. “You first.”
“Me first, what?” Zoey was confused.
“You admit to crushing on Kaleb, and then I’ll tell you my story.”
“Oh, whatever.” Zoey laughed. “I am not crushing on Kaleb or anyone else for that matter. But you, my beautiful friend have a bad case of the hots for one Zane Walker.”
V blushed immediately, but turned her head and avoided Zoey’s knowing stare. It was obvious the woman had been lusting after Kaleb’s younger brother, but Zoey had no idea for how long. Not that age mattered, but there was a six year age gap between V and Zane, which was surprising because her friend had never been the type to go for younger men.
“You can’t deny it, V.”
When Vanessa’s ears flamed red, Zoey knew she’d hit her mark. But, they both knew it was all in good fun because yes if either of them were to own up to it, both of them had the hots for one of the Walker brothers.
“Maybe not, but what about you and Kaleb?”
“What about me and Kaleb?” Zoey asked, forcing a smile. She did not like where this conversation was going, regardless of whether this was her best friend or not. She was not willing to admit whatever these strange feelings were that she’d developed for Kaleb.
“You have to admit he’s hot.” V grinned.
“Well, of course, he’s hot.” That wasn’t a secret.
“Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to kiss him?” V asked, getting pushy as always.
What was this? Eighth grade? Hoping like hell the heat that suddenly infused her face wasn’t visible, Zoey smarted off. “ Hasn’t everyone?”
The smile that beamed on V’s face had Zoey stilling in her chair.
Oh God.
She was suddenly enveloped in strong, muscled arms and overwhelmed by the all too familiar, highly intoxicating scent of the one man she wished hadn’t just heard that comment.
“So, what would it be like?” Kaleb’s sexy voice whispered in her ear, his warm breath tickling her cheek seconds before his lips landed in a chaste, friendly kiss.
Shoving him off of her, Zoey laughed because if she didn’t, she might just cry. “Oooh, gross! Boy cooties.” Yep, definitely eighth grade.
“Boy cooties?” V asked, laughing. “That’s what you scream when Kaleb Walker plants a kiss on you? Mercy, woman. I’m beginning to really worry about you.”
Zoey felt the heat flood her face as she purposely ignored Vanessa, all the while trying to pretend Kaleb hadn’t actually heard their conversation.
“You’re early.” She told him when she finally managed to compose herself.
“I’m starving.” He waved off the bartender when he strolled over. “Take me to dinner.”
“Nuh uh, buddy. It’s your turn to pick up the tab.” Zoey reminded him.
Before Kaleb could argue, Zane walked up and Zoey watched as V’s entire demeanor changed. If she wasn’t mistaken, it had just gotten much warmer in the bar, despite the blast of cold air from the air conditioner.
Zoey smiled. Right. Nothing there.
“Ok, I’ll take you to dinner.” Zoey stood abruptly. “Here, Zane. Take my seat.” Throwing a knowing grin at Vanessa and watching as her friend tried to shoot daggers from her eyeballs, Zoey laughed.
“You are so dead,” V mouthed before Zoey turned away.
Truer words had never been spoken because as Zoey turned to walk out of the bar with Kaleb, she was hammered with a sudden, overwhelming urge to… kiss him.
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  1. I just finished the Club Desiny series, took me 3 days but I devoured them!! Can't wait for the next in the series, and I'm excited to start the new Alluring Indulgence series. Keep up the good work!

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