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The Walker Brothers want to wish you a VERY Happy Birthday!!!!Just a Normal Monday in September

“I call bullshit!” Sawyer called to Brendon as they walked across the parking lot toward the doors to Moonshiners. As if his brother even knew what the hell he was talking about.

“It’s true. Last night, she got a little freaky. We pulled out a set of handcuffs…”

Braydon was quickly silenced by the sound of an engine. Only this engine sounded as though it were on its last leg. They both stopped and turned toward the sound, watching as a newer model Ford Taurus came crawling into the parking lot, coughing up a ton of white smoke.

“That car look familiar to you?” Brendon asked. 


Neither of them attempted to move as they waited for the car to come to a complete stop. Only then did they turn to look at one another, then back toward the car. Just as Sawyer was about to make his way over, Braydon walked up, joining the two of them as they observed the newcomer that had joined the handful of cars in the mostly empty lot.

“That’s a rental car,” Braydon offered.

“It’s kinda crappy if you ask me,” Brendon muttered.

“Well, you two can sit here with your thumbs up your asses, but I’m going to see if I can help,” Sawyer told them and took two steps before he stopped dead in his tracks. 

Holy shit!

From where he stood, Sawyer saw miles of leg as whoever inside climbed out. But these weren’t just any legs. Holy…

A low whistle caught his attention, and he turned to see Brendon and Braydon no longer twiddling their thumbs. In fact, they were leaving Sawyer in the dust as they headed over toward what he could only assume was a woman with some seriously fine assets.

“Bloody hell!” The sexy, raspy voice assured him the stranded motorist was certainly a woman, and he didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know she wasn’t from around these parts. That was definitely a British accent spouting some pretty colorful words at the moment.

“Ma’am,” Sawyer greeted as he shouldered his way past Brendon and Braydon who’d stopped walking and stood staring at the beauty in front of them. Sorry, boys. This one ain’t your type, he thought to himself. Although Sawyer knew that wasn’t necessarily true because for Brendon and Braydon, he wasn’t even sure they actually had a type. As long as she was female and above the legal drinking age, he was pretty sure they were game.

“Oh!” the woman exclaimed as she turned to face him, obviously just realizing he – or rather they – were standing there. 

“Car trouble?” Ok, now that sounded stupid, even to his own ears.

“It appears so,” she replied with a shy smile on her face, her eyes slowly perusing the three of them as they stood there. 

“Pop the hood, I’ll check it out,” Braydon offered from somewhere behind Sawyer.

“Dude, you don’t know a damn thing about cars,” Brendon reminded his twin.

“So. It won’t hurt to take a look,” Braydon argued. 

“Where’re you headed?” Sawyer asked, ignoring the bickering going on behind him. He didn’t give a shit about the car, but then again, who would with this magnificent specimen standing right in front of him.

“I was supposed to be meeting up with a friend of mine, but as you can tell…” the sweet, dark haired woman let the words trail off, and Sawyer got lost in her accent. Yes, she clearly wasn’t from around here.

“You’re a little far from home, aren’t ya?” he asked, unable to take his eyes off of the woman.

He saw the instant defiance in those dark, mocha brown eyes, and he grinned. Hell, here he was offending the woman.

“Could you just direct me to a mechanic? And maybe a pub? I’m suddenly thirsty,” she said, and Sawyer could tell she was working to keep her temper in check. 

His body stirred, and he fought it down. Glancing her over, he took in her appearance from her dark brown hair, tinged with a hint of red that made him think of hot nights and even hotter women. And this one was tall. Probably closer to five-foot-nine or so. He liked tall women. Especially tall and curvy like this one. He admired the small diamonds that dotted both of her ears, several in each. It appeared she was trying to hide her eyes with her bangs, but in her exasperation, she’d blown them back, giving him a lovely view of her pretty face. Those lips…

“What’d I tell you? You ain’t a damn mechanic,” Brendon bellowed. “Could we just go in and get a beer?”

The woman seemed distracted by the twins, and she glanced behind him, giving him a quick peek at her ample cleavage. Ok, he really was going to have to stop staring.

“Why don’t we go inside?” Sawyer offered. “I’ll give my brother Ethan a call. He is a mechanic, unlike these jokers.”

She either liked the way he talked, or maybe she just found him funny, either way, Sawyer admired the smile that lit up her face, her cheeks turning a pretty pink.

“Fine,” she muttered, but she didn’t move from her spot. Figuring she was probably a little uncomfortable with him looming over her, Sawyer made the first move to walk away, content when she started to follow. A quick glance back and he caught her staring at his ass. Hmmm… sneaky was she?

Once inside the dimly lit bar, Sawyer waited for the woman to move in front of him before he let the door close behind them.

“Sorry, I think I forgot to introduce myself, ma’am,” he said as he put a hand on her lower back, steering her toward the bar. “Names Sawyer Walker. And you are?”

“You can call me Becs,” she said, that accent making his body come to life.

“Mind if I ask who you were coming to meet? Coyote Ridge ain’t that big, so I’m sure I know them.”

“Her names Nicole,” Becs answered, glancing back and forth between his face and the bar.

“Nicole? Hmmm… We’ve got a few of those around these parts. She got a last name?”

“Edwards.” The woman seemed more intent on getting over to the bar than talking to him, which threw him a little. 

“What would you like to drink?” he asked as they moved even closer to the bar. He purposely didn’t say anything about Nicole Edwards. Yep, he knew her. They all knew her. And he had no desire to talk to the woman. She asked too many damned questions all the time.

“I’ll have a glass of wine, thank you,” Becs said, bringing his attention back to her.

“Mack, you hear that? Get me a Corona with lime to go with it, would ya?”

It only took him a minute to remember he needed to call Ethan or he’d look like a jackass who tried to pick up women in the parking lot of small town bars. Wait… shit. He was that guy. Grabbing his phone from his hip, he dialed his brother’s number and waited for an answer. “Hey. I’ve got a favor to ask you.” The conversation didn’t last long, and Ethan agreed to head over as soon as he could. Sawyer wanted to tell him not to hurry, but he didn’t want to scare the little lady too much.

Just when he was about to ask her if she’d like to sit down, in walked Zane. And Beau. Shit. They just kept coming. What the hell was this? A family reunion? Behind them was Kaleb, Zoey, V, Travis, Gage, and Kylie. Oh, and Jessie. Yep, some kind of family reunion.

Son of a… Sawyer turned around to see the twins standing in the back by the pool table, grinning like idiots. Assholes. 

“Hey, we heard you could use some help. Seems like you found a little filly who wasn’t jumping all over you,” Zane mouthed off, then turned his head as he noticed the “little filly”, as he called her, was standing right beside him. “Oh, sorry ma’am. Ignore me, I’m… My name’s Zane. And you are?”

Sawyer watched as Zane introduced Becs to the group, each person shaking her hand in turn. She seemed a little overwhelmed, but he couldn’t necessarily blame her. The only one of his brothers missing was Ethan, and he was on his way. 

“She’s in town to meet a friend,” Sawyer explained. “Her car broke down outside. E’s on his way to check it out.”

“I can check it out,” Beau offered, glancing from Becs to Sawyer.

Great. He made a note to thank the man for the cock block later.

“That would be great,” Becs said, causing the group to turn her way. Zane’s face lit up when he obviously heard her accent as clearly as Sawyer had.

Beau escorted Becs back outside, leaving Sawyer standing there staring out the door. When she turned a waved, he cocked an eyebrow, giving her one of his signature grins. Even from this distance, he noticed her blush, but all he got in return was a small wave and then she disappeared out the door with Beau.

“Bro, she’s so far out of your league…” Zane mumbled, a rough chuckle going along with it. 

“Not to mention, she’s married,” V added, coming to stand beside Zane’s side.

“What?” Married? How had he missed that?

“Did you not see the rock on her finger? She’s so married.”

Well, at least that explained it. Sawyer knew he wasn’t losing his touch. He couldn’t be losing his touch. 

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