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Luke, Sierra, Cole: Where Are You Going?

“Where are you going?” Luke asked.

“I’ve got an errand to run,” Cole said without explanation.

Luke ground his teeth together to keep from pushing Cole to talk to him. 

Cole smiled and Luke felt a chill race down his spine. So he wasn’t upset? 

Sierra chose that moment to walk into the kitchen, coming right up to Cole and wrapping her arms around him. Luke just sat there at the kitchen table, watching the two of them. ​

The sight of the two of them made his blood run hot. Every damn time. It didn’t matter when or where.

“Where are you going?” Sierra asked Cole, clearly noticing he was holding his truck keys in his hand. 

“To the store,” Cole said, shooting a smile over to Luke.

“You couldn’t have just said that?” Luke huffed.

“I could have. But I like keeping you on the edge of your seat. It’s pretty fucking hot.”

Luke pushed to his feet and moved closer to Cole, glancing over at Sierra as he did. She moved back, a brilliant smile on her face as she gave him the space he required. Just as he expected, Cole didn’t move when Luke pressed up against him, chest to chest. Not that he expected him to. Cole wasn’t the type to back down. 

It didn’t help that Luke was now smiling. He couldn’t help himself.

“You know what’s hot?” Luke asked Cole, peering into ocean blue eyes that held a spark of heat. “Me. Buried inside of you. While Sierra watches.”

Sierra gasped, causing both men to look at her. When she nodded, they both turned their attention to her. “Yes,” she muttered. “That’s definitely hot.”

Cole laughed, reaching out and pulling her closer. Luke took one step back so that he could sandwich her between them. “But what’s even hotter than that,” he told them both, “is when she’s between us. Just like this.”

“Naked would be better,” Cole added.

“No arguments there,” Luke said. 

Sierra laughed, pushing at Cole. “Nice try, boys. But I’ve got to go to work today. The two of you should do the same.”

“I think today is a great day to call in sick,” Luke said, putting his hands on Sierra’s hips and looking directly at Cole.

“Who’re you gonna call?” Cole asked.

“Touché,” Luke grumbled. 

“Well, you might be able to take a day off, but I can’t,” Sierra argued, still laughing. This time she did managed to get out from between them. “I don’t have anyone to call.” 

When she turned on her heels, pretending she wasn’t at all interested, Luke called out to her. “Fine. Rain check. Tonight. You. Naked. Both of us deep inside of you.”

“We’ll see,” she said, her tone cool. 

But he didn’t miss the telltale shiver that raced over her. Nor did he miss that flash of heat in her eyes just before she reached for the door.

“Love you,” she called out.

“Love you, too,” Cole and Luke said at the exact same time.

Once she disappeared into the garage, Luke turned his attention to Cole. “As for you…”

“Tonight. Rain check. You. Naked,” Cole said gruffly, mimicking Luke’s words from moments ago.

“Damn straight.” 

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