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“Aww, hell, I forgot that was this week,” Tag told McKenna as he stood in the doorway and watched her pack her suitcase.

“Well, I reminded you twice,” she informed him gently.

It was true. In fact, she had reminded him more than twice that she was going to a convention in Chicago. She’d even invited him.

 “I can’t go with you,” he said with frustration. He had to be in court, and there was no way he could just up and leave. She knew that.

“I know,” she told him as she turned to face him.

Tag watched her cross the room toward him. He smiled. Just because she made him want to smile. All the damn time. ​

“I’ll make it up to you when you get back.” ​

“Yes, you will,” she said sweetly. “I’m thinking you will have to cook for me for a week.”

Tag laughed. “That isn’t what I was thinking.”

“Of course you weren’t.”

No, he was thinking something a little more satisfying than food. When she brushed up against him, he didn’t move. “If you keep that up, I’m going to make it up to you before you leave.”

“I’m not opposed to the idea.”

The woman made his blood boil. The sexy gleam in her blue-green eyes made his body harden instantly. Or maybe that was because of her scent. Or because she was close. Or hell, just because she was McKenna. 

McKenna reached for his tie, and he stopped her. “You’ll miss your flight if you do this.” Damn, had he really said that? Surely he could bend her over the bed and have his wicked way with her and still get her to the airport with time to spare. 

But he didn’t want to. 

Well, he did, and he didn’t. Yes, he wanted to bend her over the bed and slide into her from behind, thrust into her wet heat until she was begging him to finish her off. But he knew the anticipation would only make things hotter when she returned.

Not that she would agree. McKenna was all about instant gratification. She didn’t like to wait.

But then again, she had been pushing off the wedding, so maybe she could wait…

“When you get back,” he told her. “I’ll have a surprise for you.”

McKenna took a small step back and looked up at him, a perfect pout on her pretty pink lips. “You’re going to turn me down, Mr. Murphy?”

Tag laughed. “I am.”

McKenna clutched her heart dramatically. “Right through the heart.”

Tag grinned, yanking her against him and pressing his lips to hers. She tasted like cinnamon. 

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Are you sure you can wait two days?” 

When she slid her hand down and cupped him through his pants, he knew the answer was no, but a quick glance at the alarm clock on the bedside table told him he didn’t have nearly enough time to do what he wanted.

“I’ll have to.” 

McKenna smiled. Mischievous and wicked. He loved that smile. He loved all of her smiles. 

“I don’t want to be away from you,” she whispered against his mouth. “I’ll be counting the minutes until I come home.”

“Me too,” he told her. And he honestly would. It seemed she was always running off to one conference or another; that’s what journalists did, she told him. And most of the time, his schedule couldn’t be rearranged so he could go with her.

But they both knew that when she returned, he’d make it up to her. He always did. And she always liked his methods because they included her naked and tied to the bed. 

He glanced over at the clock once more. 

Nope, they didn’t have time. 

“I love you,” she mumbled against his lips. 

“I love you, too,” he told her. “Now finish packing because if you don’t, you’re definitely going to miss your flight.”

“Fine,” she grinned again, stroking him one last time. “But you better be ready for me when I get back.”

“Darlin’, I’m always ready.”

“Yes, you are.” 

One last quick kiss and she turned away quickly, leaving him standing there with a hard on that wouldn’t be sated for two very long days.

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